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Hello Reader Kabinetrakyat! Are you in search of the best legal firm for veterans? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Bosley and Bratch is a well-known law firm founded in 1995 and specializes in representing veterans with their disability claims.

Unlike other law firms, Bosley and Bratch cater exclusively to veterans. They understand the sacrifices that veterans have made for their country and they want to make sure that they get the benefits that they deserve.

The following paragraphs will give you a detailed insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the Bosley and Bratch law firm, along with relevant information that can help you decide if they’re the right legal counsel for you.

Strengths of Bosley and Bratch Law Firm

Expertise in Veteran Disability Claims

Bosley and Bratch has been practicing in veterans’ disability claims for 25 years, making them one of the top firms in the US for veteran advocacy. The attorneys at Bosley and Bratch know the laws that surround veteran benefits, so veterans can rest assured they’re in good hands.

Excellent Client Communication

One of the most notable strengths of Bosley and Bratch is the communication they have with their clients. They prioritize their clients’ needs and always keep their clients informed about the status of their cases. Clients are given access to their attorneys’ direct email and phone number, so they can easily communicate with them.

High Success Rate in Disability Claims

With their years of experience, Bosley and Bratch has a high success rate in obtaining benefits for veterans. They have won significant compensation and benefits for their clients, helping them to receive the medical care and financial assistance they need.

Availability of Free Consultations

Bosley and Bratch offer free consultation services for veterans, where they can discuss the details of their veterans’ disability claim. This provides veterans with an opportunity to assess the services offered by Bosley and Bratch, without any financial obligations.

Flexible Payment Models

The Bosley and Bratch law firm has flexible payment models. They understand that veterans have already sacrificed so much for their country and that it isn’t easy to pay legal fees on top of their daily expenses.

Unlike other law firms, Bosley and Bratch works on a contingency fee basis. You only pay if they win your case. If they don’t win, you won’t pay anything. If Bosley and Bratch wins your claim, the legal fee will come from the retroactive benefits you receive from the VA. That way, veterans don’t have to worry about additional financial strains.

Support for Veterans’ Communities

Bosley and Bratch is passionate about supporting veterans’ communities, and they do this through various charitable events and causes. They understand the importance of community for veterans, especially those who suffer from physical or emotional traumas related to their time in service. Bosley and Bratch believes in giving back to the people who have selflessly served their country.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

The positive reviews and testimonials of Bosley and Bratch speak volumes about their achievements and expertise. They have loads of success stories from satisfied clients. Many veterans have been more than happy to recommend Bosley and Bratch’s services, which is a mark of the trust that they have gained over the years.

Weaknesses of Bosley and Bratch Law Firm

Geographical Limitations

Bosley and Bratch is exclusively located in Florida, so that can be a limitation for veterans in the other states. However, they claim to have experience working with veterans across the US, so veterans should still consider reaching out to them.

Exclusively Catering to Veterans’ Issues

While Bosley and Bratch’s exclusive focus on veteran benefits may seem like a strength, it could also be a disadvantage. They can only handle veteran issues and not common-law claims, this means that veterans with legal issues outside their area of expertise should seek legal help elsewhere.

Complete Information on Bosley and Bratch Law Firm

General Information

Firm Name: Bosley and Bratch Law Firm
Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida
Phone Number: +1-727-274-9226
Year Founded: 1995
Specialization: Disability Claims for Veterans

Frequently Asked Questions About Bosley and Bratch Law Firm

1. What Services Does Bosley and Bratch Provide?

Bosley and Bratch law firm specializes in representing veterans with their disability claims. They assist veterans in navigating the complex process of filing claims for benefits.

2. How Do I Schedule a Consultation?

If you want to schedule a free consultation with Bosley and Bratch, you can call them at +1-727-274-9226 or fill out the form on their website,

3. What Makes Bosley and Bratch Unique?

Bosley and Bratch is unique because they exclusively cater to veteran issues. Their extensive experience in representing veterans gives them insights and knowledge into veteran disability claims, providing them with a competitive edge over other law firms.

4. What is a Contingency Fee?

A contingency fee is a type of fee arrangement that lawyers use where you only have to pay them if they win your case. Bosley and Bratch law firm works on a contingency fee basis, which is good news for veterans who have limited financial resources.

5. Do I Have to Pay Any Fees Upfront?

No, you don’t have to pay any fees upfront when working with Bosley and Bratch law firm. If they win your case, you will be charged a percentage of your retroactive benefits, which is set according to the legal service provider’s standards.

6. How Long Will It Take for My Disability Claim to be Processed?

The processing time for claims varies depending on the details of your case and on the fee workloads of the VA. Generally, it can take several months or years for a veterans’ disability claim to be processed and finally adjudicated.

7. Do I Need an Attorney for My Veterans’ Disability Claim?

An attorney is not required but is highly recommended when it comes to veterans’ disability claims. Hiring an attorney can help streamline the process and increase your case’s chance of success.

8. Are the Attorneys at Bosley and Bratch Skilled?

Yes, the attorneys at Bosley and Bratch are highly skilled in veterans’ disability claims. They have years of experience, and many of their clients have praised them for their dedication to their cases.

9. Can I Work with Bosley and Bratch Law Firm If I Live Outside Florida?

Yes, veterans who live outside Florida can still work with Bosley and Bratch, they handle cases across the US from their base in Florida.

10. Can I File an Appeal If My Disability Claim is Denied?

Yes, you can file an appeal if your disability claim is denied. Bosley and Bratch lawyers can help you navigate the appeals process and provide you with the legal representation for your case.

11. Will Bosley and Bratch Attend Hearings With Me?

Yes, the attorneys at Bosley and Bratch will attend hearings with their clients. They provide their clients with legal representation throughout the entire claims process, from filing to hearing- if needed.

12. Can I Change Attorneys Mid-Course?

Yes, you can change attorneys mid-course. However, there might be ethical and financial implications that you need to consider. Speak with your lawyer to learn more about the implications of changing attorneys from one law firm to another.

13. Will Bosley and Bratch Keep My Case Confidential?

Yes, Bosley and Bratch will keep your case confidential. They understand the sensitivity of veterans’ disability claims and the confidential nature of personal information concerning their clients.


In conclusion, Bosley and Bratch law firm are trusted advocates for veterans, and they have shown this through their years of experience in representing veterans with their disability claims, their excellent client communication, high success rate, and community support. They work on a contingency fee basis, making their services accessible to veterans who are struggling with financial expenses.

Although they have some limitations, like being exclusively located in Florida and only handling veteran issues, they are still a great representation for veterans who are seeking legal representation. If you’re looking for a law firm with a track record for successfully representing veterans, Bosley and Bratch are an excellent choice.

Get in touch with the Bosley and Bratch law firm today and learn more about how they can help you get the veterans’ disability benefits that you deserve.

Closing Words

In creating this article, we made a thorough review of Bosley and Bratch law firm and the services they offer. We conducted this with the aim of providing unbiased and insightful information for our readers. We hope our review of Bosley and Bratch will help veterans in finding the right representation for their disability claims.

Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only, and you should always consult with a legal professional before taking any legal actions.



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