DUI Law Firms in San Bernardino County

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Navigating the legal complexities of a DUI charge requires the expertise of an experienced DUI lawyer. San Bernardino County is home to several reputable DUI law firms with a proven track record of success.

When selecting a DUI lawyer, it is crucial to consider their experience in handling DUI cases, familiarity with the local court system, and ability to provide personalized representation. Here is a list of some reputable DUI law firms in San Bernardino County:

  • The Law Offices of Richard H. McGuire: With over 25 years of experience, Attorney McGuire specializes in DUI defense and has a deep understanding of the San Bernardino County court system.
  • The Law Firm of Craig M. Brown: Attorney Brown has dedicated his practice exclusively to DUI defense for over 15 years and has successfully represented clients in numerous DUI cases.
  • The Law Offices of William C. Rials: Attorney Rials is a former prosecutor with over 20 years of experience in DUI defense. His knowledge of both sides of the legal system provides him with a unique advantage.
  • The Law Offices of Mark A. Johnson: Attorney Johnson has been practicing DUI defense for over 10 years and is known for his aggressive and effective representation.
  • The Law Offices of Donald P. Yaroshak: Attorney Yaroshak has over 30 years of experience in criminal defense, including DUI cases. He is known for his thorough preparation and attention to detail.

Choosing an experienced DUI lawyer is essential for navigating the legal complexities of a DUI charge. These law firms have the expertise, local knowledge, and commitment to provide the best possible representation for their clients.

Legal Consequences of DUI in San Bernardino County

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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense in San Bernardino County, with significant legal consequences. Understanding the potential penalties can help you make informed decisions and avoid the negative impact of a DUI conviction.

The penalties for DUI in San Bernardino County vary depending on the severity of the offense and the driver’s prior criminal record. First-time DUI convictions typically result in fines, jail time, license suspension, and mandatory DUI classes.


  • First offense: $390-$1,000
  • Second offense: $1,000-$2,000
  • Third offense: $1,800-$3,000

Jail Time

  • First offense: 48 hours to 6 months
  • Second offense: 96 hours to 1 year
  • Third offense: 120 days to 1 year

License Suspension

  • First offense: 6 months
  • Second offense: 1 year
  • Third offense: 2 years

Mandatory DUI Classes

All DUI convictions require the offender to complete a DUI education program. The length of the program varies depending on the severity of the offense.

In addition to the legal penalties, a DUI conviction can have a significant impact on your employment, insurance rates, and personal reputation. It can lead to job loss, increased insurance premiums, and damage to your professional and social relationships.

Defenses to DUI Charges in San Bernardino County

DUI charges can have severe consequences, but there are several common defenses that can be used to challenge them. These include:

  • Challenging the validity of the traffic stop.
  • Challenging the accuracy of the breathalyzer test.
  • Challenging the prosecutor’s evidence.

An experienced DUI lawyer can help you identify the best defense strategy for your case.

Challenging the Validity of the Traffic Stop

In order for a DUI arrest to be valid, the police officer must have had a valid reason to pull you over. If the officer did not have a valid reason, the evidence obtained from the stop may be suppressed, which could lead to the dismissal of your case.

Challenging the Accuracy of the Breathalyzer Test

Breathalyzer tests are not always accurate. There are a number of factors that can affect the results of a breathalyzer test, including the type of breathalyzer used, the calibration of the breathalyzer, and the operator’s training. An experienced DUI lawyer can help you challenge the accuracy of the breathalyzer test results.

Challenging the Prosecutor’s Evidence

The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving under the influence of alcohol. If the prosecutor does not have sufficient evidence to prove its case, you may be able to get your case dismissed.

Choosing the Right DUI Lawyer in San Bernardino County

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Selecting the right DUI lawyer in San Bernardino County is crucial for navigating the legal complexities and protecting your rights. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

Experience and Reputation

Experience in handling DUI cases is paramount. Look for attorneys who have successfully represented clients in San Bernardino County courts. Check their track record, including case results and client testimonials. A good reputation among peers and the legal community is also indicative of competence.

Fees and Communication Style

Understand the fee structure and payment arrangements before hiring a lawyer. Discuss payment plans and any additional costs that may arise. Clear and consistent communication is essential. Choose an attorney who is responsive, accessible, and keeps you informed throughout the process.

Interviewing Potential DUI Lawyers

To evaluate potential lawyers, schedule consultations and ask detailed questions. Inquire about their experience, approach to DUI cases, and strategies for mitigating charges. Assess their communication style, empathy, and ability to explain legal concepts in a clear manner.

Evaluating Qualifications

Consider the lawyer’s education, certifications, and professional affiliations. Look for attorneys who have specialized training in DUI defense, such as the National College for DUI Defense. Membership in professional organizations, such as the California DUI Lawyers Association, demonstrates their commitment to staying abreast of legal developments.

DUI Court Process in San Bernardino County

The DUI court process in San Bernardino County follows a typical sequence of events that includes arraignment, discovery, plea negotiations, and trial. Understanding this process can help you navigate the legal system and protect your rights.

The arraignment is your first appearance in court, where you will be informed of the charges against you and your rights. You will enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If you plead guilty, the judge will sentence you immediately. If you plead not guilty or no contest, the case will proceed to discovery.

Discovery is the process of exchanging information between the prosecution and defense. This includes sharing evidence, witness lists, and other relevant documents. The purpose of discovery is to ensure that both sides have a fair opportunity to prepare for trial.

After discovery, the prosecution and defense may engage in plea negotiations. This is an opportunity to reach an agreement on a plea deal that resolves the case without going to trial. If a plea agreement is reached, the judge will review the agreement and decide whether to accept it.

If a plea agreement is not reached, the case will proceed to trial. At trial, the prosecution will present its case against you, and you will have the opportunity to present your defense. The jury will then decide whether you are guilty or not guilty.

Role of the Prosecutor

The prosecutor is responsible for representing the state in DUI cases. The prosecutor’s goal is to prove that you are guilty of the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutor will present evidence, call witnesses, and argue their case to the jury.

Role of the Defense Attorney

The defense attorney is responsible for representing you in DUI cases. The defense attorney’s goal is to protect your rights and ensure that you receive a fair trial. The defense attorney will investigate the charges against you, file motions, and present evidence and witnesses on your behalf.

Role of the Judge

The judge is responsible for presiding over DUI cases and ensuring that the trial is conducted fairly. The judge will rule on motions, instruct the jury on the law, and make the final decision on your guilt or innocence.

Understanding the DUI court process in San Bernardino County can help you navigate the legal system and protect your rights. If you have been charged with a DUI, it is important to contact an experienced DUI defense attorney who can guide you through the process and help you achieve the best possible outcome.


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