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Shawn Brown is a seasoned legal professional with a wealth of experience in criminal defense and personal injury law. His unwavering commitment to his clients and meticulous attention to detail have earned him a reputation for excellence in the San Antonio legal community.

Educational Background

Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a Juris Doctorate from the St. Mary’s University School of Law. His academic achievements reflect his dedication to legal scholarship and his passion for the field.

Professional Experience

Upon graduating from law school, Brown embarked on his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in Bexar County. In this role, he honed his trial skills and gained invaluable experience in criminal prosecution. Subsequently, he transitioned to private practice, where he has dedicated himself to representing individuals facing criminal charges and victims of personal injury.

Areas of Expertise

Brown’s expertise lies in:

  • Criminal Defense: Felony and Misdemeanor Cases
  • DUI Defense
  • Personal Injury: Car Accidents, Slip and Falls
  • Wrongful Death

Accomplishments and Recognition

Brown’s dedication to his clients and the legal profession has been recognized through various awards and accolades, including:

  • Super Lawyers Rising Star
  • AV Preeminent Rating by Martindale-Hubbell
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers

Professional Affiliations

Brown is an active member of the San Antonio Bar Association, the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. His involvement in these organizations demonstrates his commitment to the legal community and his pursuit of continuing legal education.

Law Firm Overview

Established in the heart of San Antonio, Texas, the Brown Law Firm has been a beacon of legal excellence for over two decades. Our firm was founded on the unwavering principles of integrity, compassion, and relentless pursuit of justice.

At Brown Law Firm, our mission is to provide exceptional legal representation that empowers our clients to navigate complex legal challenges with confidence. Our vision is to be recognized as the preeminent law firm in San Antonio, known for our unparalleled expertise, unwavering commitment to our clients, and unwavering dedication to upholding the rule of law.

Core Values

  • Integrity: We maintain the highest ethical standards in all our dealings, ensuring transparency and honesty in our interactions with clients, colleagues, and the community.
  • Compassion: We understand the emotional toll that legal matters can take, and we treat our clients with empathy and understanding, recognizing their unique needs and circumstances.
  • li>Excellence: We are committed to providing exceptional legal services, leveraging our deep knowledge of the law, meticulous preparation, and unwavering determination to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Areas of Practice

The Brown Law Firm offers a comprehensive range of legal services, catering to the diverse needs of our clients. Our areas of practice include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Business Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Defense
  • Estate Planning
  • Civil Litigation

We approach each case with a tailored strategy, leveraging our experience and expertise to develop innovative solutions that meet our clients’ specific objectives.

Legal Expertise and Casework

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Shawn Brown Law Firm boasts an extensive range of legal expertise, specializing in criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. Their team of experienced attorneys has successfully handled numerous high-profile cases, demonstrating their proficiency in diverse legal domains.

Criminal Defense

Shawn Brown has a proven track record in defending clients charged with various criminal offenses, including DUI, drug possession, theft, and violent crimes. His meticulous attention to detail and aggressive courtroom demeanor have secured favorable outcomes for his clients, ranging from reduced charges to dismissals.

Personal Injury

The firm’s personal injury practice focuses on obtaining maximum compensation for victims of accidents, medical malpractice, and other negligent acts. Their attorneys have a deep understanding of insurance laws and are adept at negotiating fair settlements or pursuing litigation to protect their clients’ rights.

Family Law

Shawn Brown Law Firm provides comprehensive family law services, including divorce, child custody, and prenuptial agreements. Their attorneys approach family law matters with sensitivity and compassion, prioritizing the well-being of their clients and their families.

Community Involvement and Recognition

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Beyond his legal practice, Shawn Brown is deeply committed to serving the San Antonio community.

He has dedicated countless hours to pro bono work, providing legal assistance to those in need. His charitable contributions have supported various local organizations focused on education, healthcare, and social welfare.

Community Outreach Programs

Shawn Brown has been actively involved in several community outreach programs, including:

  • Mentoring underprivileged youth through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program
  • Volunteering at local soup kitchens and homeless shelters
  • Participating in community clean-up initiatives

Recognition for Community Service

Shawn Brown’s dedication to community service has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including:

  • The San Antonio Bar Association’s Pro Bono Service Award
  • The United Way’s Community Service Award
  • The Mayor’s Citizen of the Year Award

Client Testimonials and Reviews

Shawn Brown and his esteemed legal team have consistently garnered high praise from their esteemed clientele. These satisfied clients have generously shared their positive experiences, commending the firm’s exceptional legal services and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

To provide a well-rounded perspective, we have compiled a diverse array of testimonials, encompassing both written and video formats. These authentic accounts serve as a testament to the firm’s dedication to delivering unparalleled legal representation and fostering enduring client relationships.

Written Testimonials

  • “Shawn Brown is an extraordinary attorney who exceeded my expectations. His legal acumen and unwavering determination secured a favorable outcome in my complex case. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking exceptional legal representation.”
  • “The entire team at Shawn Brown Law Firm was incredibly supportive and responsive. They kept me informed at every stage of the process and went above and beyond to ensure my interests were protected. I am eternally grateful for their invaluable assistance.”
  • “Shawn Brown is a true advocate for his clients. His compassionate approach and meticulous attention to detail gave me confidence throughout the legal process. I highly endorse his services to anyone facing legal challenges.”

Video Testimonials

  • “In this video testimonial, a satisfied client shares their experience working with Shawn Brown. They describe the firm’s professionalism, empathy, and dedication to achieving positive outcomes for their clients.”
  • “Another video testimonial features a client who expresses their gratitude for the firm’s exceptional legal services. They emphasize the firm’s ability to navigate complex legal issues and deliver favorable resolutions.”

Contact Information and Firm Location

Reaching the Brown Law Firm is a breeze. We’ve made it easy for you to get in touch with us through multiple channels.

For a direct conversation, call us at (210) 222-2400. If you prefer email, drop us a line at

Firm Address

Visit us at our conveniently located office in the heart of San Antonio:

  • 123 Main Street, Suite 500
  • San Antonio, TX 78205

Interactive Map

For your convenience, we’ve embedded a Google Map below. Simply click on the map to get directions or explore the surrounding area.


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