5 mistakes that will break your phone

5 mistakes that will break your phone

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People use their smartphones every day. But many devices are exposed to unnecessary stress because the owners use them incorrectly. We’ll tell you which things you should absolutely avoid in order to give your smartphone a longer life. You can see in the video how to find the right smartphone for you.

This will break your phone

Smartphones have become an integral part of modern culture in recent years. They are a daily companion, information provider and convenience in a handy format. According to the some websites, many young peoples aged 14 and over now use a smartphone. But among these numerous users there are also those who still treat their cell phones incorrectly today.

Because although smartphones have been trimmed for generations to withstand more and more loads, there are still behaviors and actions that can permanently damage a high-end device. We’ll tell you how to handle your smartphone correctly and how to avoid the most common missteps in cell phone use.

The smartphone in the blazing sun

Long-term damage to the device can occur if the smartphone is left in the blazing sun for too long. Smartphones are exposed to great stress, especially when it gets warmer outside and the rays of the sun beckon.

The devices produce their own heat by default. If there is also a temperature increase due to the blazing sun, most smartphones run out. In the best case scenario, the devices report that they need a break in the shade and switch to a protected mode in which only a few functions can be used.

If such a warning fails or is even ignored, the smartphone can be permanently damaged. For example, when individual parts can no longer withstand the heat or internal components melt. This shouldn’t happen, but it can happen in the sun for a long time. Therefore: leave your smartphone in your pocket or at home when you visit the quarry pond.

Quickly stow away the smartphone

If you are in a hurry and the smartphone has to be stowed away quickly, the device often ends up in your backpack or handbag. And that, mostly without a cover that can protect the display or the remaining surface of the smartphone. The result: Unsightly scratches, deep furrows and cracked displays under particularly brutal influences.

That is why it is worth investing in a smartphone case. Even if this is only used for the respective situation. Because covers are removed as quickly as they were attached and therefore do not have to permanently affect the appearance or thickness of the smartphone.

What should be avoided, however, is to stow the smartphone in the trouser pocket on the backside. Here it can not only be stolen quickly and mostly unnoticed by thieves. The ever thinner smartphones can also bend, as ” Bendgate ” has shown with iPhones. You also increase the risk of forgetting your smartphone and damaging the device when you sit down.

Never put off updates for the smartphone for long

Updates help to make your smartphone more secure and to bring new functions to the device. The advantage of intelligent smartphones is the connection to the Internet and thus the possibility of regularly installing updates, improving functions or closing critical security gaps. In everyday life, the updates often turn out to be annoying interruptions that are often pushed away and ignored.

Because if it is an official improvement on the part of the manufacturer, then the update should be installed to guarantee the optimal use of the device. In addition to the security aspects, there are of course also stylish new functions with the patches that make everyday life even easier. And in most cases the waiting time of a few minutes is worth it.

Charge the smartphone battery in bad time

To this day, there is a persistent rumor surrounding smartphone batteries. The so-called ” memory effect ” is supposed to ensure that the performance of cell phone batteries is reduced because they are not completely discharged.

The battery should “remember” at some point that, for example, a remaining battery level of 20 percent would be the normal case and take this as the new zero point. In practice, that turns out to be nonsense.

On the contrary: it is rather harmful to let the smartphone battery run down to zero every time before it is charged. As a guideline, charge the smartphone battery whenever your device issues a warning. This usually happens when the charge is around 20 percent. All tips and tricks for charging the smartphone battery can be found at the link provided.

Open unknown messages carefully

The world is now mobile. This trend runs through all areas of life, including those that want to harm us. Fraudsters have adapted to the trend towards smartphones and “optimized” the former spam mails for the desktop PC in such a way that mobile devices can also be affected. Trojans, scam emails and phishing attempts are the order of the day for smartphones with a mail connection.

Therefore, you have to be careful when opening emails on your smartphone . In some cases this is enough to install malicious software on the device. Never follow links that you do not know where they came from.

This also applies to chain letters that friends forwarded to you. If you want to be on the safe side, it is worth taking a look at the antivirus programs for Android smartphones that can protect you from such attacks.

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