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  • Toshiba Canvio Gaming 2TB SSD Hard Drive

    SSD Hard Driver Top performance and low price from Toshiba. The Toshiba Canvio Gaming 2TB is an external USB hard drive that delivers great results all round. In the test, we measure considerable transfer rates in reading and writing.

    The dimensions and weight are customary on the market. However, we miss a possibility for encryption and a USB-C cable. However, the price is great.



    • Excellent performance
    • Attractive price
    • Handy design


    • Housing not slip-proof
    • No hardware encryption
    • No USB-C cable

    Toshiba Canvio Gaming 2TB (HDTX120EK3AA): Test results
    The HDD is extremely close behind the test winner Canvio Flex 2TB, but also received an overall rating of "1.0 (very good)". The transfer rates are extremely high and allow fixed data transfer. It is 148 MB / s when reading and 144 MB / s when writing. After the Canvio Flex 2TB, these are our highest measured values so far.

    The hard drive weighs just 145 g, about as much as other models in this category. It is 110 mm long, 79 mm wide and 14 mm high. These are quite compact dimensions for a rotating hard drive.

    In terms of compatibility, Toshiba particularly emphasizes that the disc is suitable for PlayStation and Xbox. A USB-A cable is included so that you can connect them accordingly. For even more flexibility (for example on a notebook) we would have liked an additional USB-C cable.

    The housing is not slip-proof. You should therefore ensure that the surface is stable or even rubberized when connecting the device. The manufacturer did not use hardware encryption like the Verbatim Fingerprint Secure 1TB.

    The 2 TB version is available for less than 80 euros, i.e. around 3.7 cents per GB. This is a very attractive price for the hard drive's performance.

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