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  • LG OLED 48CX9: The perfect compact TV?

    The LG TV OLED 48CX9 is not exactly a bargain, but the 48-inch OLED model offers a very good picture in 4K resolution with a large color range, strong contrasts and a very large viewing angle range. Like the image quality, the equipment leaves little to be desired. With voice control, many configuration options and a light sensor, the LG is up to all important challenges and even the play instinct is satisfied.

    LG OLED 48CX9 Brilliant OLED image, adapted to the image material and the environment
    On a 48-inch diagonal, the LG OLED 48CX9 offers a very nice picture in every position and impresses in the test with its high color fidelity as well as decent contrasts and black values. The upper-class television offers 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) and shows very good color space coverage of 97 percent of the extended DCI-P3 space. Thanks to OLED, the black areas and contrasts are also very good, the best prerequisites for finely differentiated displays of any type of image material.

    The very large viewing angle range of over 90 degrees is typical of OLEDs, just the thing for TV evenings in large groups. The maximum brightness of the TV is 682cd/m², thanks to artificial intelligence and light sensor, the LG can dynamically adapt this to the respective light situation.

    With a maximum of 120 frames per second and a latency time of 14 milliseconds, which is very good for televisions, the candidate can also easily manage gaming evenings via next-gen consoles or PCs in game mode. Sports fans also benefit from reduced motion blur thanks to the Motion Pro function. You can also use the “Sports Alert” to be reminded of upcoming games.


    LG OLED 48CX9 Short Review
    The LG OLED 48CX9 offers one of the most extensive equipment packages in our TV best list. With WebOS, it connects to the Internet either via WLAN or LAN and can be supplied with all kinds of apps via the integrated AppStore. All popular streaming providers such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube are supported. So much for the compulsory program for televisions in this price range, now for the free: If that's still not enough, play content from iPhones or other Mac devices on the screen via integrated AirPlay 2. In addition, the LG has a voice assistant with Alexa.

    The base itself is largely behind the television and is intended to direct the sound towards the audience on the front. Two 10-watt speakers and the subwoofer only create average sound in this way, which does not really match the great picture quality. So if you are looking for more depth of sound , you can use soundbars or other sound systems. Including the stand, the LG TV measures 107.1 x 65.0 x 25.1 centimeters and weighs around 19 kilograms.


    LG OLED 48CX9 - Not a power hog despite great performance
    With the EU energy label A and a light sensor that automatically reduces the brightness according to the environment, the LG is not an excessive power hog; of course, the comparatively small size also plays a role. In the test, we measured a power consumption of 121.7 watts in HDR mode. If you turn the quality down to SDR, the value drops to 88.2 watts.

    LG OLED 48CX9 Pros:

    • Colorful and high-contrast OLED image
    • Extensive equipment
    • Useful features for gaming
    • Good energy efficiency

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