BenQ X1300i: Gaming projector with LED light source

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BenQ X1300i: Gaming projector with LED light source


The BenQ X1300i comes as a small but powerful projector cube. Who wants to be satisfied with 27 inches? BenQ will soon be supplying gamers with a projector that can project games from 100 inches upwards onto the wall.

BenQ X1300i Short Review

BenQ is expanding its product portfolio with the X1300i, a gaming projector with a 4LED light source, which should also provide the best entertainment when streaming films, series or sporting events.

In addition to Android TV and low delay (input lag) of 8.3 milliseconds at 120 Hertz (Hz) frame rate, the new addition scores, according to the manufacturer, with a high color coverage of 98 percent. The BenQ X1300i will be available in stores from February 2021 at a non-binding retail price of 1,299 euros.

BenQ X1300i: The trend is towards large formats

Classic televisions are getting bigger and bigger and are often really expensive. The bigger the picture, the more intense the gaming experience.

In addition to the low input lag and high refresh rate of 120 Hz, the X1300i should score points according to BenQ with various “game modes” for example with an “FPS mode” for first-person shooters, an “RPG mode” for role-playing games and a “sports” Game Mode “for a realistic display of sports games.

BenQ X1300i: 4LED technology

LED projectors use three LEDs for each primary color: red, green, blue (RGB). BenQ uses the in-house 4LED technology, which has an additional blue LED (RGBB). This increases the overall brightness and light intensity to around 3,000 lumens, so that the projector should also perform in daylight.

Integrated stereo speakers (2x 5 watts) provide spatial sound. The X1300i still comes with 1.2x zoom and 2D trapezoid correction, with which users can readjust the tilt angle of the image. There are two HDMI 2.0 ports for connecting external players such as game consoles.

The projector has 4K compatibility (3840×2160 pixels), native Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) and 3D preparation (3D glasses are optionally available in stores).

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