Canon Pixma MG2522 Installer & Software

Canon Pixma MG2522 Installer & Software

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Canon Pixma MG2522 Installer & Software

File installer for Canon Pixma MG2522 All-in-One Inkjet Printer, Scanner & Copier. My old printer has given up its ghost after many years of operation, now it should be a Canon again, not too big and an all-rounder.

Canon Pixma MG2522 Installer

Today came the good piece. Using the drawing that was enclosed, I was able to easily install the printer using the CD provided. Insert the two cartridges according to the drawing, continue using the USB cable of the old printer, turn on the power and off you go.

The Canon Pixma MG2522 printer volume can be turned down, but quiet is different. The Canon Pixma MG2522 print quality is very good.

Canon Pixma MG2522 has been in operation for 8 weeks because the previous one has finally been smoked. Needed a replacement quickly and didn’t feel like investing huge sums in a new printer.

This was easy to install and has been printing documents, photos and graphics since then in a sufficiently good quality for my purposes and so far without dropouts.

Clearly not a high-end printer, but it fits! I can’t say anything about durability or ink consumption yet.

Canon Pixma MG2522 Software

The Canon Pixma MG2522 printer meets my expectations. Only the included ink cartridges contained so little color that I had to reorder new ink cartridges in the meantime.

Otherwise I am satisfied with the printer. This Canon Pixma MG2522 printer works quickly and reliably. I wasn’t really interested in the noise level as I only print out during the day in the office.

The connection turned out to be difficult at first. Since there was no printer-PC connection cable with the delivery, I used the cable from the previous printer.

This fit into the ports but wasn’t compatible A new cable from the specialist dealer solved the problem. Replacement cartridges can also be more expensive than the entire device.

I would like to give interested parties the opportunity to 1. obtain a new connection cable in advance and 2. information about inexpensive alternatives to original ink cartridges. Overall, I can recommend the printer. An inexpensive device that works reliably and is easy to use. Thumbs up!

This Canon Pixma MG2522 inkjet printer is an affordable entry-level device. Delivery came from Italy and took about 1 week. The supplied software is extensive in its equipment.

But I installed the latest software directly from the Canon site. Important: If you use original Canon printer cartridges, you can use Canon’s premium software to the full.

MG2522/MG2525 Full Driver & Software Package (Windows 32/64-bit)

Click here>> win-mg2500-1_1-ucd.exe

Windows 10 (32bit)
Windows 10 (64bit)
Windows 8.1(32bit)
Windows 8.1(64bit)
Windows 8(32bit)
Windows 8(64bit)
Windows 7(32bit)
Windows 7(64bit)
Windows Vista SP1 or later(32bit)
Windows Vista SP1 or later(64bit)
Windows XP SP3 or later

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