Can’t Hurt me David Goggins Audiobook Free Download and Full Review – What You Need to Know About This Audiobook

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Can’t Hurt me David Goggins Audiobook Free Download and Full Review – What You Need to Know About This Audiobook

Before you figure out where to find the Can’t Hurt me David Goggins audiobook free download, you might want to know what this book is all about. David Goggins is a successful Navy Seal, motivational speaker, and endurance athlete that has inspired a lot of people. Through his book, Can’t Hurt Me, he shares his hard-won wisdom about work and life. If you want to learn more about this audiobook, you might want to keep reading this article.


David Goggins Biography

David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL that has achieved so many great things in his life. In Can’t Hurt Me David Goggins audiobook, he shares a lot of self-help guides that he gained from his life experience. Goggins is the only member of the United States Armed Forces that managed to complete SEAL training, Air Force Tactical Air Controller training, and the US Army Ranger School.

Goggins is competent in over 60 triathlons, ultra-triathlons, and ultra-marathons. He managed to set new course records, allowing himself to be placed in the top five. Goggins is also a former record holder in the Guinness World Book of Records for finishing 4,030 pull-ups in 17 hours.


Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook Review

From the many Can’t Hurt Me David Goggins reviews, you will learn so many things about wisdom, whether about life or work. In the audiobook, Goggins explained how he came from poverty, physical abuse, and prejudice.

However, Goggins managed to overcome all of that. He did that through mental toughness, hard work, and self-discipline. He then transformed himself from an overweight young man with depression into one of the top endurance athletes in the United States.

In the audiobook, you will learn about this intriguing life story. He says about how we only use 40% of our capabilities in our lives. He tries to inspire other people through his life story by stating the 40% Rule. This rule allows us to understand what we could achieve if we just demolish fear, reach our full potential, and push past pain.

If you are interested, you can also find the annotated edition of this audiobook. This edition offers more than 2 hours of bonus content. This content features stories that Goggins has never shared with anyone before. Other than that, you will also find deeper insights that Goggins will provide for you.

So, are you up to get inspired? Well, go ahead and find out more about the wisdom of life through finding the Can’t Hurt Me David Goggins audiobook free download.

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