Corel Roxio Creator NTX Pro 7 – Refurbished multimedia suite

Corel Roxio Creator NTX Pro 7 – Refurbished multimedia suite

The Roxio Creator is an extensive collection of tools for editing, converting, organizing and also backing up data of all kinds. Whether videos, music, photos and all areas are covered.

The test shows what the new version of the long-running multimedia from Corel subsidiary Roxio will bring.

Corel Roxio Creator NTX Pro 715 tools from a single source

With the latest version of its Roxio Creator Suite, Corel has once again put together a comprehensive package of around 15 largely independent programs that offer everything you need to edit, copy, convert, create and burn digital content.

As usual, the collection is tidy and sorted according to different task areas, even if the appearance of some modules is showing its age and sometimes looks like a foreign body under Windows 10 which does not detract from the functionality of the individual programs.

As usual, the developers paid attention to a convincing overall appearance of the individual modules under one roof, albeit not entirely consistently.

The tools for burning and ripping CDs / DVDs are integrated into the surface, all other modules in photo, video, audio are but started as independent programs, which is indicated by an arrow mark in the surface.

After the end of a program you land back in the central interface. Experienced users can also start the desired programs directly from the Windows Start menu. The interface looks tidy and does not raise any questions, but does not show all options and no longer looks very contemporary.

Well-considered fine-tuning and interesting additions

Corel has revised the programs only moderately; most of the improvements concern VideoWave. Split-screen videos can now be generated here, for which material from different films is integrated into one video.

With the new painting effects at this point, videos can be transformed into a pencil sketch or an oil painting. The newly added support for AudioDucking (the automatic attenuation of an audio track) is a success.

And the authoring software MyDVD for creating a data or music DVD has been expanded to include a number of new themes.

A brand new addition is Roxio Genie, a tool with which the hard drive can be quickly and easily freed of corpses of files and other unnecessary byte ballast. This goes beyond the tasks of a multimedia suite, but is very practical.

A highlight of the new Pro version of the Roxio Creator is the addition of the well-known image processing software PaintShop Pro 2018. Although this version is no longer completely brand new, it still offers more than enough options to cope with everyday requirements. The 2018 Paint Shop Pro is still available individually, but costs around 70 euros alone.

Finally, PhotoMirage is a new addition to the Creator package: a tool with which parts of a photo can be animated quickly and easily and saved as a video. These two new programs are started separately, not via the Roxio interface.

Alternative: Cyberlink Media Suite 16 Ultimate

The Cyberlink Media Suite 16 Ultimate follows a similar concept to the Roxio package: An extensive collection of tools supports the user in all work with multimedia data, from editing and compilation to backing up on DVD or other data carriers.

The Cyberlink solution has more editing options and also looks more modern in terms of appearance and operation. The combination of Creator NXT with PaintShop Pro, on the other hand, is the big plus point for Roxio for users with a focus on photo and image processing.

Corel Roxio Creator NTX Pro 7 Advantages:

  • Extensive collection
  • Split screen videos
  • Now with PaintShop Pro 2918

Corel Roxio Creator NTX Pro 7 Disadvantage:

  • Operating concept not entirely consistent
  • Visually a bit old-fashioned

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