Dierya DK63 Driver Installer

Dierya DK63 Driver Installer

File installer for dierya dk63 keyboard, usually appears in the name and as long as the distances between the individual F-key blocks and the Esc key can be seen in the pictures, it is always the same device.

Dierya DK63 Driver Installer

The workmanship and scope of delivery of the keyboard is very good. Solid metal plate, plastic lower shell, feet to stand up. Relatively heavy, thanks to the rubber feet does not slip on the desk.

Solid doubleshot keycaps with a fairly high OEM profile and the typical gamer font, a matter of taste, but they can be exchanged. And the beautifully loud Outemu Blue clicky switches.

The dierya dk63 is also available with other switches, read the description carefully!

Works fine under Linux (Fedora 29 mt Gnome / Wayland). The right Alt key can be redefined in the “Tweaks” as a Compose key to compensate for the missing Compose key. Multimedia keys and the program hotkeys for mail, calculators, etc. work without any problems.

Unfortunately, most of the lighting effects are associated with a PWM whistle that is quite clearly audible for sensitive ears; especially the monochrome modes and also at full brightness. Even soft background music drowns it out. Still, that’s why a star deduction.

For the price and as a base for modding, it’s totally okay. So far I think the keyboard is really good, the advantages for me in contrast to my razer chroma are the size and volume of the keystrokes.

My wife no longer feels as disturbed by keystrokes as she did with my Chroma, thumbs up. Regarding the RGB lighting, I can say that it works perfectly and does not make any whistling noises.

I just had to experiment a little how the FN keys work with regard to the lighting. Otherwise it is small, quiet and compact and has a plug-in USB cable. The keystrokes are tactile and definitely quieter than those of the Chroma.

Dierya DK63 Software Installer

Click the link to get the driver & Software

Dierya DK63 – 5 (which before “Z” in SN Number), as 63BA050205Z04600 Version 2

Dierya DK63 – 1 (which before “Z” in SN Number), as 63BA030101Z04200 Version 1

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