Edge 88: Mega update for the Microsoft browser

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Microsoft has released version 88 of a major update for its Edge browser. In addition to many other improvements, the update brings a security and performance boost.

Microsoft’s Edge based on Chromium recently celebrated its first anniversary. Now a new version has also appeared. And it has it all: It brings many new functions and improves the security and performance of the browser.

Microsoft Edge 88: Now with a password generator

Secure passwords are a must these days. Since most users save their passwords in the browser, it only makes sense if the browser suggests an unbreakable password. Edge is therefore adding a password generator with version 88.

Passwords generated in this way can be transferred directly to the corresponding field when creating a new account or when changing a password and saved in Edge.

In this way you are safe on the move, but you do not need to memorize any complicated strings. Edge 88 offers the possibility to better control cookies. In the settings you can now see which cookies are set with which rights and which websites have recently added cookies. Of course, you can also delete unwanted cookies.

Synchronization, themes, PDF comments

With the new version, open tabs and browser history are now also synchronized across different devices for all users. This was already possible with the previous version, but the function is now automatically active for all users.

The browser now officially supports themes, called “themes” in Edge. Microsoft offers various interfaces in the Edge Store, but all Chrome themes can also be used. And anyone who opens PDF files in the browser can also add comments under Windows in the future.


Comfortable searching

Have you opened a website and want to look up a term there? In the future, you will not have to open a new tab: If you right-click on the term, you can start a search in the sidebar.

So you stay on the page, but still see the search results you want. Internet pages can finally be pinned to the taskbar again. Longstanding Edge users know this function from the old Edge.


Edge 88 Further innovations

Here is an overview of other new features in Edge 88:

  • The screenshot function now also records entire pages and warns you if you want to close unsaved screenshots.
  • Tabs that are open in the background switch to a resource-saving mode.
  • The icons in menus and the status bar have been slightly revised.
  • If desired, an icon for the browser history can be added to the toolbar.
  • In the future, different rules can be defined for HTTP and HTTPS pages in Internet Explorer mode.
  • Edge now automatically suggests switching between private and business profiles on the Mac as well.
  • In kiosk mode, pop-ups can be opened automatically in a new tab instead of a new window.
  • FTP and Flash are no longer supported.
  • The automatic login to Microsoft services now also works under Windows 7 and 8.1.


Installing Edge 88

Edge users usually get the update automatically, but it can take a while. To apply the update immediately, either use one of the downloads above or click on the three-point menu in the top right corner in Edge and select Help and Feedback. After clicking on About Microsoft Edge, the version number appears and Edge loads the pending update if necessary. In this case, complete the update by clicking on Restart.

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