Elementary OS as beautiful as macOS

Elementary OS as beautiful as macOS

Elementary OS is a free Linux distribution that not only impresses with its stylish Pantheon desktop, but also makes the otherwise very complex operating system accessible to less experienced users. Elementary OS version 5.1.3 “Hera” has now been released. In the video you can see how you can safely try any Linux.

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Most Linux distributions put off ordinary consumers because they require a lot of manual input via the terminal and are more aimed at power users with programming knowledge.

It’s different with Elementary OS. With its own Pantheon desktop, the chic distribution is strongly reminiscent of macOS and is aimed primarily at everyone who wants to use Linux without having to rely on terminal input. The accessible Linux version Elementary OS has now appeared in version 5.1.3 “Hera”.

Elementary OS 5.1 “Hera”: This is new

Elementary OS 5.1 comes with a redesigned login screen. Elementary OS is regularly supplied with updates and receives the latest security patches and small improvements every month, and sometimes new features. The changes from 5.0 to 5.1.x are already noticeable at the first start.

After installation, you will be guided step-by-step through the most important options during setup. How to activate or deactivate the access to your location data, the night mode to protect your eyes and an automatic cleaning of the hard disk.

The login page is also new. There you can see an overview of all your accounts and get a preview of the respective desktop. You can quickly find your way around even with several users.

To make the installation of software on the Linux system particularly easy, Elementary OS offers an app center with a nice selection of tools for everyday use. Alternatively, you can now use the newly added Flatpak support.

In this way you can install applications that are available as “Flatpak” directly from the Flathub website on your computer without having to open the command line once. Even software that is not available in the App Center can be easily obtained. These include top tools like Spotify, Shotcut and Slack.

Of course, the system itself and many of the applications have also been improved. You can find all the changes in detail in the very extensive blog post by the developers.

Download Link Elementary OS – Hera 5.1.7 Official Website

Elementary OS 5.1 “Hera”: Pantheon Desktop is very reminiscent of macOS

Elementary OS 5.0 is a Linux distribution that is visually reminiscent of macOS and is aimed at less experienced users. The Pantheon desktop environment was developed exclusively for Elementary OS and the references to the Apple operating system cannot be dismissed.

Pantheon has a discreet bar at the top of the screen where you can find the date, time, a search function for apps and icons for the control of system functions such as WLAN, Bluetooth and the power button. At the bottom of the screen in the middle is a dock.

The icons of the pre-installed apps and folders are also reminiscent of macOS in their design and are perfectly integrated into the overall concept. You can find applications either using the search function, a grid or sorted by categories.

A practical picture-in-picture mode also lets you convert any window into a smaller preview window, which can be useful if, for example, you want to watch a video on the side. All keyboard shortcuts can also be viewed and assigned in the settings.

Elementary OS uses the Linux version Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS including the Ubiquity installer as the substructure. Version 5.00 is used as the Linux kernel.

Elementary OS: Free software and open source

All keyboard shortcuts can be viewed in the Elementary OS settings. The programs preinstalled under Elementary OS 5.1.3 cover all the basic functions that you need in an operating system without wasting the capacity of your hard drive.

You can access the Internet via the Epiphany browser, and there are already installed applications for playing videos, photos and music as well as checking emails.

Elementary OS relies entirely on the open source model. This applies both to the operating system itself and to the app store, in which you can find and install software developed specifically for the OS, but also Ubuntu programs.

You can buy each program for the price suggested by the developer, or you can specify your own price, which of course can also be zero in accordance with the open source maxim.

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