Ezviz C6CN: Cheap smart surveillance camera in a double pack

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Ezviz C6CN: Cheap smart surveillance camera in a double pack

With the Ezviz C6CN you can monitor your own four walls and thus ensure security at home. The surveillance camera is currently available in a double pack at a large discount. Ezviz C6CN: The smart surveillance camera protects your home and now at a particularly affordable price.

Ezviz C6CN Camera

The surveillance camera Ezviz C6CN offers a 360-degree all-round view, so that a room can be controlled almost completely. Even in the dark, the camera records high-resolution videos thanks to infrared technology. For example, you can use the device as a smart baby monitor in the children’s bedroom.

With night vision mode and motion detection

The integrated microphone allows two-way communication. This is how you speak to people in your home and deter burglars, for example. Speaking of which: as soon as the Ezviz C6CN registers a movement, it starts recording and sends a photo to your smartphone.

So you are always up to date on what is going on at home when you are not at home. The recordings can be stored in the cloud or locally on a memory card, if desired.

The manufacturer has also thought of a special privacy mode. This works quite simply: When you are at home and do not need the camera, the lens of the camera retracts into the housing. This protects you and your family from unwanted, private recordings.

Ezviz C6CN in a double pack at Tink

The Ezviz C6CN is currently available in a twin pack for 89.95 euros in the Tink online shop. That’s a decent discount of 36 percent. The offer is valid until January 30, 2021.

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