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RealPower PB-20000PD+ - Strong power bank with low weight

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The RealPower PB-20000PD+ power bank has USB power delivery. With a nominal capacity of 20,000 mAh, the RealPower PB-20000PD+ power bank offers enough power to charge smartphones or tablets. In addition to the performance, the equipment is also good in the test this time. Compared to the last tested RealPower PB-20K PD model, improvements have been made here and you can now, for example, charge and discharge at the same time. In addition, the weight has been reduced and the power bank is a bit smaller. The improvements increase the price, but it remains relatively cheap!

RealPower PB-20000PD+ Review: equipment up, performance (a little) down
The stated capacity of the RealPower PB-20000PD+ is 20,000 mAh. We measured 14,137 mAh in our test. That is good, but at the same time it is exactly 1,150 mAh less than with the RealPower PB-20k PD. The charging time is also around 10 minutes longer at 6:42 hours. So the good performance of the PD+ remains behind that of the 20K PD.

It looks different with the equipment. The output current increased by 1,000 mAh, which is now 3,000 mAh, ensures faster charging of external devices. In addition, you can now charge and discharge at the same time. You can use three USB ports (2 x type A, 1 x type C) and Apple Lightning. However, there is still a lack of quick charge, inductive charging and an integrated lamp. But the price-performance ratio has succeeded again. The power bank costs around 42 euros. This is cheaper than many other 20,000 power banks from our list of the best.

The weight is also an improvement. At just under 360 grams, the energy bar is almost 70 grams lighter than the 20k PD and has a great energy density of 198 mWh/g. In addition, it is almost 20 millimeters shorter and now measures 121 x 71 x 27 millimeters.

Technical test data for RealPower PB-20000PD +

Product: RealPower PB-20000PD +
Declared capacity: 20,000 mAh
Max. Output current specified: 3,000 mA
Quick Charge 2.0: No
Quick Charge 3.0: No
USB Power Delivery: Yes
Induction charging function: No
Measured capacity: 14,137 mAh
Loading time: 6:42 hours
Charge level indicator: LCD
Number of USB outputs (type A): 2 ports
Number of USB outputs (Type-C): 1 port
Simultaneous loading and unloading: at the same time
Bag included: No
Integrated lamp: No
Weight: 359 grams
Dimensions: 121 x 71 x 27 mm
Energy density: 198 mWh / g
Tested on: 03/11/2020

Alternative: Less equipment, but cheaper
As an alternative, we recommend the RealPower PB-20k PD model. As mentioned in the test above, it has a slightly higher performance, but is also larger and also heavier at 428 grams. The maximum output current ends at 2,000 mAh and you cannot charge and discharge at the same time. But if you want or can do without it, you can get an equivalent power bank at a very affordable price of around 25 euros.

RealPower PB-20000PD+ Pros:

  • High capacity
  • Loading on the fly
  • Light weight

RealPower PB-20000PD+ Cons:

  • No quick charge
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