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Mac record screen? here's how. If you want to record a video of your screen, you can look forward to as a Mac owner: You can create a screen video with the Mac without any problems, as the Apple computer already has everything you need on board.


QuickTime Player for on-screen video
With the QuickTime media player, you can not only watch videos, but also easily create your own recordings of your screen:

  • After entering QuickTime Player, click the "File" button and choose "New Screen Capture".
  • In the "Screen recording" window press the red recording button.
  • With a left click in the small recording window you can now record the activities of the entire screen.
  • If you only want to capture a part of the screen, drag the small recording window into the corresponding screen area.
  • Finally you have to press the "Stop-Button" and save your video. If you want to take more recordings, go to "File"> "Export". Otherwise, just quit the video player and fill in the file name, storage location, etc. in the dialog menu that appears.

You can visit this official website to get the software: https://support.apple.com/guide/quicktime-player/welcome/mac

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