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Google reveals the "most secret" SEO tricks in the Webmaster Tools

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is also one of the tasks of successful online PR. Many myths and mysterious Google algorithms are discussed on the Internet. SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) is completely transparent. The search engine itself reveals SEO tricks in the Webmaster Tools. And for free.

The Google "most secret" SEO tricks in the Webmaster Tools
Anyone who can read has a clear advantage: This saying comes true once again in the field of SEO. Because with the Webmaster Tools, Google gives very specific instructions for successful online marketing and PR. For example, this post in the Webmaster Tools is headed "Google-friendly websites". A summary with a few comments on the SEO tricks I explain here.

Actually, it should rather be called PR Master Tools, because the tips are not only aimed at programmers and IT specialists, but are also of great benefit to those responsible for the content. What does Google now recommend for search engine optimization? These SEO tips are available to everyone for free! Google lists 4 key SEO measures. I would like to summarize you as follows:  


Relevant information for users
At seminars and lectures on the topic I cannot repeat it often enough: Google is not an end in itself. The aim of the search engine is to show the best search results at the top. Otherwise, Google would quickly lose user confidence. So if you think of the target group when creating your website, you will have more success in the long term than someone who tries to outsmart the search engines.

Natural Links from other websites
The idea behind this is simple. Interesting websites are linked more often than others. That rewards Google. In the Webmaster Tools it says of course about links, these result: "If the owners of other websites consider the content of your website to be relevant and helpful for their users." Bought links are nonsense! Keep your hands off such so-called SEO offers. Google knows it. You can be sure of that.
Unrestricted access to the website
A page should be technically flawless. In the Webmaster Tools, Google points out that the texts on the website, including the meta-information, must be legible for the search robots. Various programs such as Java scripts cause difficulties. Basically, simple HTML is still the best option.

Avoid Keyword Lists
Some shrewd people think they can trick Google by stringing together search terms. But it does not work. Whether the so-called keyword density (density) corresponds to a naturally written text is determined using an incorruptible statistical method. By the way: Google does not read the meta tag "Keyword" itself, as this blog entry on Webmaster Tools shows. Other search engines, however, use this information from the invisible "header" of the HTML page. Therefore they are not superfluous but also not particularly important.  

The bottom line:
Write what you and your users want. Even better the other way around! First think about the user's interests and then think about the contribution they want to make on the Internet. That's the best SEO strategy. I can only agree with Google: "You don't need to buy a search engine optimization service," it says in the Webmaster Tools. What you need for corporate communication on the Internet is a suitable content strategy. You will find further suggestions here in the expert portal. I am also looking forward to questions in the forum or a message to me directly.

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