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Your own website is like a business card in the digitized world. You can create them thanks to content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal even without any programming knowledge. The range of CMS is large and can quickly confuse inexperienced users. The question arises as to which of these editorial systems should be used for your own website.

Making your business websites with WordPress
Most website builders choose WordPress. According to a survey by Statista, WordPress has a market share of 60 percent. But what exactly can this CMS do?


CMS have many advantages
Websites can also be created without a CMS. Nonetheless, programming professionals and non-professionals alike opt for a CMS. It generally offers many advantages over manual programming of a website. Users can use it to create content quickly and clearly without having to bother with HTML and CSS.

A little technical understanding is enough to be able to create your own website. Users of a CMS do not work in the source code, but can insert texts, images and media as easily as in a word processing program. With a CMS, the design does not have to be elaborate, but can be selected and adapted with a few clicks. In addition, there is a separation between layout and content in the CMS.

If the theme (as the design templates are called) is to be replaced, this has no effect on the content. These are the basic functions of every CMS. WordPress also offers its users a few other advantages. The web hosting provider Strato has put together on an informative page which these are and how WordPress can help individual user groups .

Design variety for an individual appearance
WordPress offers a wide variety of different themes. There are many free templates that can be customized. If you can't find what you're looking for here, you still have the option of buying a theme. Companies can incorporate their corporate design into the layout. This makes the WordPress sites look unique and even if they all use the same system. WordPress also offers themes in responsive design. This means that the website content is displayed well on all devices, i.e. smartphones, tablets or computers.

Search engine optimization made easy
Visibility on the web is everything. It is clearly visible who is listed in the top positions in the search engine ranking. This is the only way to achieve a large range. That is why it is important to optimize your website sustainably for search engines. WordPress offers many functions that simplify search engine optimization. Metadata can be inserted and various plug-ins can be installed.

The complete packages “WordPress SEO” from Yoast or the “All in One SEO Pack” are popular. There are specific helpers for individual tasks such as the “Automatic Post Tagger” or the “Broken Link Checker”.


Always up to date
WordPress is widespread and is constantly being developed by a large community. The system benefits from this because errors are noticed immediately. So that no errors occur in the first place, a large number of developers are working on further optimizing and expanding WordPress. In this way, the CMS is always up to date when it comes to security updates.

However, awareness also has its pitfalls. WordPress is a popular target for hackers. Despite the constant security updates, websites that work with sensitive data should use other options. WordPress also reaches its limits with very complex and computationally intensive pages. The computing power and speed of WordPress are then insufficient. With these exceptions, however, WordPress is a good choice for most website projects.

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Which blog platform is right for you

If you are looking for a suitable blog provider but don't know which one is right for you, you should read the following information about the three biggest ones. Then you can choose the blog provider that's perfect for you. Decide whether it will be Wordpress, Tumblr or Blogger / Blogspot.

Which blog provider is right for you

WordPress has numerous advantages. The biggest advantage is in the SEO area. No other blog provider manages as well as WordPress to ensure that your homepage is found at the top of the search engine rankings. Google seems to have a preference for WordPress sites. However, the lightweight construction of WordPress is a disadvantage in terms of security, as the CMS can easily be damaged by attackers. In addition, the design cannot be designed very well. WordPress is therefore a good alternative for you if you intend to storm the search engine ranking with your homepage.

Tumblr makes blogging quick and easy, the timeline is similar to that of Twitter and always offers the latest articles. Tumblr is also very functional and offers nice themes. The blog provider can be expanded almost indefinitely via CSS or HTML. In addition, Tumblr is quite easy to use. It works quickly, reliably and looks good. One of the disadvantages of Tumblr is the tendency that videos or images from the network are permanently stored.

In addition, there aren't as many extensions via plugins as there are with WordPress. For some users, comments are only possible with Disqus. Tumblr is best for young, wealthy, and educated bloggers.

Blogger / blogspot
You can create up to 100 blogs for free and have unlimited bandwidth for your numerous visitors. Blogspot's interface is simple and ergonomic, and there are countless design templates. Many plugins can be added quickly with one click. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the content. Several authors can participate per blog. Unfortunately, on the other hand, the German aid is not particularly extensive.

The pictures on Blogspot can only be uploaded or managed via Google's Picasa web album. In addition, the blogs often don't appear as professional as they do on WordPress or Tumblr. Blogspot is especially suitable for those bloggers who want to blog for fun rather than professional reasons.

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