Gaming with Windows 10: Turn your PC into a performance monster

Gaming with Windows 10: Turn your PC into a performance monster


More and more people are interested in gaming but it goes without saying that the PC should then also be optimized for gaming.

Gaming in Windows 10

Microsoft recently got in on it and developed some Windows 10 features that are especially useful for gamers. Rackar Biatch Forum introduces you to the best gaming tips and features for Windows 10.

Gaming is becoming more and more popular and a large proportion of all gamers use the PC for this. Microsoft has also noticed this and has been providing useful tools and features for Windows 10 that improve the gaming experience for a long time.

Now the group has published the best gaming tips for Windows 10 in a blog post. We presents the highlights and reveals how you can optimize your PC for gaming.

Microsoft has also announced that it will bring DirectStorage to Windows 10 next year. This ensures that fast SSDs are used a lot better by games. This means that gaming PCs will in future have the same standard as the new generation of consoles with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

The gaming all-rounder in Windows 10: Xbox Game Bar

It hides well in Windows 10, but is a powerful tool for everything to do with gaming and beyond that in everyday life: The Xbox Game Bar. The dashboard, which can be called up with Win + G, includes extensive sound settings, a performance monitor and Xbox Connection also a lot of useful tools.

So you can use it to take screenshots or videos, browse the gallery or connect to Spotify. Regardless of which game you are playing or which tool you have opened, the overlay can always be called up and simply lies over the screen.

Particularly exciting: If the available widgets are not enough for you, you can simply retrofit additional components. On the one hand, there are plenty of manufacturer tools from Razer & Co., and basic tools such as a calculator, notes or a browser are also available.

Windows 10 best gaming tricks settings

In the meantime, some gaming features have also been hidden in the Windows settings. Right at the front is the game mode, which has various advantages.

This spares you from annoying restart requests from Windows Update and driver installations in the background. In addition, the mode optimizes the frame rate depending on the game so that you always play with the highest possible FPS.

The power options are also exciting. Microsoft offers a number of different settings here. If you look under “Mains operation and energy saving”, you will find a regulator that you can adjust between “Energy saving” and “Best performance”.

So if you play performance-intensive games, it is advisable to turn the performance all the way up.

The hard drive is also affected by the fact that games are getting bigger and bigger. It’s not uncommon for games to take up more than 100 GB of memory with the free Call of Duty: Warzone you can even get over 200 GB quickly with all updates. Microsoft recommends regularly optimizing the corresponding drives via Windows Explorer and freeing up memory.

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