How good Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger?

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How good Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger?

A good headset for PC, PS4 and switch? In the test, the Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger proves to be an inexpensive gaming headset for everyone who doesn’t feel like messing around with cables.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

Thanks to the plug-and-play receiver, the headset can be used with lightning speed and problem-free under Windows, PS4 or on the Nintendo Switch. In addition, it is very easy to use.

The headset also fits large heads, is nice and light and does not pinch. The sound quality is good overall, important sounds such as footstep noises stand out sharply. We only noticed two shortcomings: First, the headset is extremely sound permeable. And the microphone is qualitatively below average.

  • Advantage: Sound, Excellent service and Very convenient
  • Disadvantage: Microphone below average, Plastic housing also Lets a lot of noise through

HyperX Cloud Stinger in the test: It couldn’t be easier

You can usually only find wireless over-ear gaming headsets in the price range above 100 euros. The Cloud Stinger is not the most sophisticated headset, but it only costs around 90 euros and has some advantages that complex premium models lack.

The headphones show what ideal plug & play could look like: The headset comes with a receiver in USB stick format, which is automatically installed under Windows 10.

Within seconds of plugging in, the headset was switched on and receiving. The same principle applies to PS4 and Nintendo Switch: insert the adapter and get started.

Unfortunately, only Xbox One owners are left behind here. Incidentally, operation only works via the receiver, the included USB cable is only there for charging.

In accordance with the low price, the Cloud Stinger is made almost entirely of matt plastic. Anyone looking for a brilliant “gamer style” with lots of red or green accents will be disappointed.

However, if you like it classic, you will probably prefer the completely black case. The leatherette ear pads are comfortable, the headset does not press and sits very lightly on the head, even on oversized skulls like the one by the author of this article.

The lightweight construction also has a disadvantage: the headset is extremely permeable. It hardly shields outside noise and outsiders can still hear game sounds and snippets of conversation even from a great distance.

The headphones are therefore nothing for the shared game room. After all, the headset transmits over several channels up to 13 Cloud Stinger owners can come together on a LAN without any problems, only then is the automatic channel selection overwhelmed.

The functional design goes hand in hand with ease of use: there is only one button to switch on and off and a rotary knob for the earpiece volume. You can also mute the microphone by simply flipping it up. There are no equalizers or other buttons for special functions.


Good sound, but bad mic

If you don’t have too many demands on headphones, you will be satisfied with the sound of the HyperX Cloud Stinger. Crisp tones such as gunshots or footstep noises come across clearly and can be spatially well located.

You can even enjoy music quite well with the headphones. But if you are primarily looking for music headphones, you should take a look at our headphones test.

The problem child, on the other hand, is the microphone: you have to expect your teammates to have a sound quality that sounds like poor cell phone reception on a rural railway line. For those who play with friends now and then, or who don’t have much to do with highly communicative games, the voice quality is just okay.


The battery lasts a week

If you gamble for two hours a day, you can easily get through the week with one battery charge: We let the headset play music for 17 hours at half the system volume. Even an extended gaming weekend can be covered so well. Unfortunately, we could not measure the time to recharge.

We were able to try out the range: The signal only breaks off after three rooms and two walls away. Going to the refrigerator without interrupting the conversation is definitely possible.

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