How safe is your tablet PC?

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Tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular and are right on trend. When they are used as work equipment, more and more problems arise depending on the purpose.

How safe the tablet PC?

Many versions are not suitable for professional use, especially in the field. In this article you will find valuable tips on how you can use tablet PCs sensibly and safely at work.

A tablet PC has many advantages. Especially the small size and the low weight. It can be stowed away quickly and taken out again just as quickly.

That is why tablet PCs are very popular in the field and with service technicians in their daily work. Particularly robust devices are in demand here. In the following points we have tried to put together all criteria in terms of safety and ergonomics.

The display of your tablet PC

Reflections are always a hot topic. The so-called “glossy screens” look pretty, but they are unsuitable for professional use. Fatigue, headache and eye pain are the result. You should therefore choose matt, anti-glare displays. In addition, fingerprints are not annoying on anti-glare touchscreens.

The integrated keyboard

The difference to a conventional notebook is that the keyboard is integrated directly into the touchscreen. There is a major disadvantage here. The keyboard is no longer ergonomically adjustable, but directly on the flat screen. The unfavorable position of your hand on the touchscreen can lead to tendonitis, hand and forearm pain.

So try to keep the angle of your wrist as flat as possible. Some security experts recommend using the tablet PC more for viewing pictures and plans. I do not consider this to be practical as it is often necessary to write notes and open and close dialog boxes.

I recommend using a stylus. Every good tablet PC has a word processing program that recognizes your handwriting and can convert it into a Word document.

What is meant by glove operability?

In various industries, it is essential to be able to use gloves. Especially in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and in clean rooms. That is why tablet PCs with resistive touchscreens must be purchased in these areas.

Resistive means that the touchscreen reacts to pressure by connecting two electrically conductive layers to one another. Capacitive surfaces are operated by fingers due to the conductivity of the pressure-exerting surface, which is not the case with gloves.

Pay attention to compatibility with other devices

For example, if you want to send files to your office, individual programs may not be compatible with each other. When purchasing tablet PCs, make sure that these devices are also compatible with your computer network and the existing devices in order to avoid problems with system breaks.

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