How to design your own website with the IM Creator

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How to design your own website with the IM Creator

The first problem you face when creating a website is the cost. If you really want to show something special and sophisticated, you have to invest in web designers or developers; which can be quite expensive at times. It is better to find a free or at least cheap solution.

Web Design with IM Creator

Providers for creating your own websites are a dime a dozen and so the difficulty lies more in finding a good one. To help you with your search, the IM Creator for creating websites is presented here.

The IM Creator is suitable both for beginners without any knowledge, as well as for developers who are perhaps looking for new ideas. The nice thing about the IM Creator is the ease of use and display. Right on the main page, which is kept very simple and clear, you are offered three options:

  • Choose one of the many templates available
  • Start with a blank page
  • Simply work on one of your existing IM Creator pages

Have you decided on one of the templates?

A large selection of templates is available to you, which are categorized according to occupations (architecture, gastronomy, music industry, etc.) After you have decided on one of the templates, you can design it individually. Add elements, additional pages, content, etc. When you are finished, you can first display a preview.

Those who are satisfied with the result save and publish their work. To do this, however, you will need to register with IM Creator (this step follows at the very end, after you have been able to convince yourself of the features). The free package comes with an address.

Have you decided on one of the other two options?

Of course you can get inspiration from the templates, but there are a number of other tools available.

  1. A 100% HTML editor so that nothing can restrict your design. In addition, a finished gallery, slide shows, contact forms, video player and other great objects
  2. A quick process flow for your projects so that you can offer your customers one of the IM Creator templates, for example, or simply design a completely new one according to customer requirements.
  3. After the website is up, your customers can log in in simple steps, for example to update free of charge, using the same tools
  4. The IM Creator has a vivid collection of ready-made templates tailored to a variety of professions; Actors, artists, models, business style, gastronomy and many more. You can use the templates to create your entire project or just use them as inspiration.
  5. Another advantage is the HTML-based editor. For example, tools such as jQuery are used to prepare the pages for your PC, Mac, mobile phone or tablet.
  6. In the end, the website is published, connected to a domain and a customized email service is set up.

The program is great for small to medium-sized websites or beginners in this area. It offers a good result in a small amount of time.

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