How to determine the page rank of your website in search engines

How is your pagerank actually? In other words, where do you stand with your website on Google? Regardless of whether you are professionally involved in search engine optimization (SEO) or just want to know which search results page you are on and nobody wants to have to click on “next” for hours. There are free tools on the internet that can do this job for you.

Determine website page rank in search engines

However, before you begin to determine your pagerank, you need to be clear about the question. Not every top spot on Google will secure you the desired visitors or interested customers on the website. This is also highly dependent on the keywords with which your page is found.

How to determine the pagerank for free

With the free tool “Rankingspy” you can determine the pagerank at least for your main pages with just a few clicks. You don’t even have to log in to get initial information about the pagerank on Google, Bing, Yahoo and some other popular search engines.

You just enter the name of your domain and the desired keyword combination and in a few seconds you will get an overview of the pagerank of your website. Restraint in interpreting the pagerank is still advisable. There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. The pagerank can vary from region to region
  2. Although the keyword delivers a high page rank, too few users actually use it.
  3. The page in question may not appear in the pagerank, but a different subpage is quite popular.


Pagerank is not everything

In general, I recommend doing some SEO homework before working with tools that determine pagerank. This includes keyword maintenance in connection with interesting content on the website.

First, analyze the search queries with which visitors land on your site. The evaluation of the visitor statistics with Google Analytics, server log files or other possibilities comes before determining the pagerank.

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