How to edit PDF files without software

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How to edit PDF files without software

The PDF files are widespread on the Internet. The file format is perfect for combining texts, tables and graphics in one compact document.

Edit PDF files without installing a program

However, expensive programs are usually required to work with PDF documents. In this article, you can find out how to do all the important PDF jobs for free and without any additional programs.

Have you ever wanted to convert a PDF file into a Word document without the content being mixed up? This feature is not standard in older versions of Office. Or have you ever wanted to output an application that you wrote with Word as a PDF document without using expensive software?

You can easily perform this and many other conversion work related to the popular file format on any computer with internet access – without having to purchase expensive PDF software.

How to Shrink a PDF File Using the Internet

The target file is often very large, especially when PDF files are created using a scanner or compiled with many graphics. What is not a problem with storage on the hard disk if there is enough storage space available, can become a problem when sending an e-mail if the recipient exceeds the permitted total size for an e-mail attachment.

A compact format is also particularly important for applications so that the HR manager does not lose interest when downloading your PDF documents.

You can achieve simple compression without any installed software using the SmallPDF Internet service. Simply go to the page in your browser and then drag and drop your PDF file into the area marked for this on the website. The file is then automatically compressed. Download the result with a click of the mouse.

How to juggle PDF files through the formats

The SmallPDF service is not only suitable for compressing PDF files. You can also perform numerous conversions between different formats from and to PDF. To do this, simply select which conversion you want in the toolbar. JPG-> PDF, PDF-> JPG, Office-> PDF and PDF-> Office are available.

In addition, several PDFs can be combined into one document and multi-page PDFs can be broken down into individual parts. If you have lost your password for a PDF file, this offer can also help. Unfortunately, as our practical test has shown, the latter does not always work.

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