How to find the right WiFi laser printer?

A laser printer with WLAN is wirelessly connected to your computer or laptop in a network. With wireless data transmission, you can enjoy the convenience of being able to set up the large or small laser printer with WLAN practically anywhere. There are laser printers with WLAN with scanners and copiers, which are also known as multifunction printers with WLAN. It is very practical if you can control the laser printer with WLAN via mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.

Finding the best Wifi Laser Printer

When deciding whether to buy a normal printer or a 4-in-1 laser printer with WiFi, it is important whether you decide for or against color. With Color you can enjoy the function of a color laser printer, while otherwise you can only print black and gray tones.

Both in the office and at home, a good printer must first and foremost print a large number of papers very quickly. At the same time, data transmission should be as convenient, wireless and reliable as possible, while the print results should look flawless.

Laser printers with WLAN combine all these properties, which we discovered in various WLAN laser printer tests at Rackar Biatch. Find out in our laser printer-with-WiFi comparison 2020/2021 why multifunction devices are more expensive, but also more practical. We also go into more detail about the formats of the housing and the various connections.


1. What is a laser printer with WiFi?

As part of the purchase advice, we go into detail on important properties of the different laser printers with WLAN in tests. In the first step we want to explain the basic properties and special features of the devices in more detail.

First, we want to go into the term laser printer in more detail, because a small WiFi laser printer works differently than an inkjet printer. With the help of an electrical charge, toner dust is heated to high temperatures.

The paper is transported over various rollers and the dissolved toner particles from the toner dust are applied to the paper at high heat. Compared to ink cartridges, this type of toner does not dry or takes a very long time to dry.

The energy consumption is slightly higher in the process of heating toner dust. The print quality is very good and the individual pages do not have to dry for a long time after they have passed through the laser printer with WLAN in color.

This in turn enables enormously high speeds. If a duplex function is available on the WLAN laser printer with Bluetooth, both sides of a sheet can be printed without any intervention.


Laser printers have an advantage with high print volumes. Wherever there is a lot of printing every day, the WLAN laser printer is more economical compared to inkjet printers. When you print per page, the energy consumption is higher, but you save expensive toner.

A laser printer with WLAN as a multifunctional device is able to process data from a computer without laying cables. All you need is a WLAN network and you can virtually send the data. This gives you much more freedom when setting up the WLAN laser printer with duplex function. You do not have to connect a WLAN laser printer to the PC by cable.

You no longer have to set up the WLAN laser printer with feeder in the direct vicinity of your PC. On the contrary, you can position the devices in the office, for example, in such a way that all employees have to walk similarly long distances when they set off to the WLAN laser printer with fax and scanner.

You can store paper and toner for the printer very close by because the printers are usually placed in sideboards or on cupboards.

Ideally, your WiFi laser printer multifunction device will do the following:

  1. Printing
  2. Copy
  3. Scanning
  4. Fax

If a WLAN laser printer with scanner is also to send faxes, you need a telephone socket in addition to a power plug. However, fewer and fewer faxes are being sent, which is why we will not go into more detail on this function. It is very practical if you also receive a cable with a USB connection for security.

So you can still establish a physical connection in the event of an Internet connection failure. In many cases, mini laser printers with WiFi and large devices also have a slot so that you can transfer and print data directly from a USB stick.


Laser printers always pose a certain risk of fine dust. This is created by the fine toner powder. The newer devices are comparatively harmless.


2. WLAN laser printer in comparison: What are the different types?

We researched the various WLAN laser printer tests to determine whether the models can be divided into certain categories. Now, without much comparison, it becomes clear where the difference lies between a laser printer with WiFi with color and a black and white model.

So we don’t want to focus on color and design, but on functionality. You can choose between these two types of WiFi laser printers:

Type of WiFi laser printer properties
simple WiFi laser printer
  • can only print
  • cannot fax, scan, or copy
  • Cheap
  • compact formats
Multifunction laser printer with WLAN
  • can print, scan and copy
  • Sending faxes partially possible
  • one device replaces / combines several
  • saves space
  • more maintenance-intensive
  • saves energy compared to individual devices

Most of the WiFi laser printer tests described that 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 devices save a lot of effort. Otherwise fax, flatbed or feeder scanners and copiers have to be cleaned, serviced and, if necessary, updated and supplied with paper. The much smaller space requirement is particularly noticeable in smaller offices.


Tip: In the business sector, it makes sense to conclude a leasing or maintenance contract. Even in the event of a fault, you always have the same contact person with just one device.


3. Laser printer with WLAN in the test: Which purchase criteria should one pay attention to?

In the best case scenario, your WiFi laser printer also has a scan and copy function. At this point, we cannot name a laser printer with WiFi from tests that is always the best WiFi laser printer in every environment.

Because anyone who works with AirPrint in a creative agency needs a laser printer with WiFi that is compatible with Apple. Conversely, a laser printer with WLAN test winner that is Apple-compatible is not necessarily the right choice in an administration.

We would therefore like to give you general characteristics that you should consider as criteria when buying a used laser printer with WiFi or cheaper laser printer with WiFi. Ask yourself these questions when buying a laser printer with WiFi:

3.1. What dimensions in cm and what weight in kg can the WLAN laser printer have?

The weight in kg for WLAN laser printers with Bluetooth and other connections is between 14 and 30 kg. Weight plays a role when buying, transporting and setting up. Be careful when setting up on shelves that these do not bend by the weight of the printer.

You should determine the dimensions in cm at the desired location before buying. Because the WiFi laser printer with AirPrint or other interfaces must match in terms of height, width and depth.

As a rule, the printers are no higher than 50 cm and the width is usually between 40 and 42 cm. The depth is important so that the printer in its entire size stands securely on a rule board or sideboard.

3.2. Which connections does a laser printer with WLAN need?

With WLAN laser printers you can choose between color and black and white printers. In addition to WLAN, LAN and Ethernet, make sure that a connection via USB is also possible.

In this way, you can partially transfer data from a stick to the printer and print it out without a computer. On the other hand, many laptops, PCs, and Macs have a USB port, so you can respond to an Internet failure with a physical wired connection.

If you work with Apple, the laser printer with WLAN should have AirPrint so that it can be used comfortably wirelessly or to control the laser printer with WLAN via iPhone. Conversely, you should pay attention to the connectivity with Windows or open source so that there are no difficulties in everyday life.

3.3. Do you really need a color WiFi laser printer?

If you only want to print out a picture occasionally, you don’t need a laser printer with WiFi as a duplex printer with color. Here it is usually cheaper to print out individual graphics or images in a copy shop. Wherever color is important on documents, handouts and brochures, you should invest in a color laser printer.

If you want to save paper and space in your files, treat yourself to a duplex function. Here the printer turns the paper independently and prints it on both sides.


4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of an inkjet printer?

If you still have to decide between inkjet and laser printing, here are the pros and cons of the inkjet printer:


  • very quiet in operation
  • no fine dust pollution
  • low energy consumption
  • low acquisition costs


  • work slower
  • Ink dries in the cartridge
  • more expensive to print
  • higher cost of cartridges


5. How do you set up a laser printer with WiFi?

Sometimes CDs are enclosed for installation, which is also useful when retrofitting a WLAN laser printer. You will be guided step by step through the installation via CD software or via the manufacturer’s homepage.

To do this, the printer must first be integrated into the network. Then you can find the printer via the computer and try out whether it can be controlled.


6. What are major brands and manufacturers of WiFi laser printer?

When compared, brands like Brother, Samsung, HP, Lexmark, Epson, DELL, Canon and Kyocera achieved the best results. Many electronic website has carried out numerous laser printer tests and you will find a whole topic page about printers on the homepage.


7. Important questions and answers about laser printers with WLAN

7.1. How long does a toner last in a laser printer with WiFi?

The manufacturers of the printer are also the suppliers of the toner. The toner consumption indicates the number of sheets that can be printed with it. Depending on how long you reach this limit, you will have to buy new toner.

7.2. How much WiFi laser printer cost?

Simple WLAN laser printers with a few additional functions are available from 330 euros. There are hardly any upper limits, and you can get great multifunctional devices for just over 500 euros.

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