How to Get Rid of Bing Redirect Virus from Mac OS

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How to Get Rid of Bing Redirect Virus from Mac OS

The Bing redirect virus outsmarts common detection methods very easily. In this post you will find all the tips and tricks on how to combat this.

What is the Bing Redirect Virus?

You often ask yourself why the search engine keeps switching to Bing? The answer is obvious: the Bing virus can be installed as part of a software package. And the best option is to use a trusted antivirus to delete the problem and successfully remove Bing.

If your Safari or Chrome browser is still redirecting you to Bing without your consent, you need to carefully consider the software to install on your computer. So what is the Bing Redirect Virus anyway? How did it get your Mac? And how to get rid of Bing redirect virus on Mac? You can find out more in this article.

The Bing redirect virus is a browser hijacker that can get into the user’s system very easily these days. After the infection, the existing website will be replaced by its own. It also prevents the user from changing their settings back to the correct values using established procedures that everyone is familiar with.

It is important to understand that Bing Redirect Virus is a pretty big problem and it cannot go away on its own. No browser update or regular manual reconfiguration will fix the infection. The task is to create a dodgy device profile under System Preferences on a Mac.

How did your Mac get infected with Bing Redirect virus?

There are several ways one can use to remove unwanted programs related to Bing Redirect Virus.

  • Software bundling as a good alternative

Free programs such as media players, online streaming apps, file converters, etc. are frequently misused by users. The makers of these programs still present optional or free offers. This way, during the installation of the desired program, your laptop is unprotected, so that your browser forwards your default search engine to Bing.

  • You must always be careful when downloading software from unofficial websites

Of course, you don’t have to install any third-party apps from untrustworthy websites. In this case, review all the details available in the Custom / Advanced configuration option. There you will find a way to disable the installation of additional offers and rid your Mac of malicious programs.

How to Remove Bing Redirect Virus on Mac?

If your Safari or Chrome browser is still redirecting you to Bing without your consent, we recommend the next simple guide.

Remove Bing redirect virus from Google Chrome

Follow the steps below to remove Bing Redirect Virus from Chrome. And make sure to remove all suspicious browser add-ons and extensions.

  • Delete malicious plugins

Open Google Chrome, click the menu icon and select the tool extension.

  • Select Bing Redirect and other malicious plugins and click the remove icon to delete these entries.
  • Change your homepage and default search engine if your virus has changed them. All you have to do is click on the menu icon and select the settings.
  • Look for a specific page under the startup option.
  • Click the Remove icon to the site to clear of harmful searches and enter the site you want to use as your homepage.
  • Click the search engine icon in the left toolbar and remove malicious search pages.
  • Reset Google Chrome: Scroll to the bottom of the search engine’s page and click to restore the original default settings.

Remove Bing redirect virus from Safari

Follow the steps below to remove Bing redirect virus from Chrome.

  • Remove dangerous extensions

Open the Safari web browser and click Safari from the menu at the top of the screen. And click on the settings.

Choose extensions and look for Bing redirects or other suspicious items. Click the Uninstall button to remove all of them.

  • Change your homepage if it has been modified by a virus

Open your Safari web browser and click Safari in the menu area. Here, select Settings as shown before.

  • Look at the Homepage field. If the Bing redirect virus has changed it, remove unwanted links and enter the link you want to use for your search. Remember to include “http: //” before entering the address of the page.

Conclusion If you are experiencing problems with your Mac due to unwanted programs such as Bing redirect virus, you should follow the rules written above or use professional Mac maintenance software to successfully remove Bing.

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