How to save PDF files as a book on iPad or iPhone

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How to save PDF files as a book on iPad or iPhone

Countless books are freely available in PDF format on the Internet. If you want to read the mostly free books not only on your home computer, but also on the train or on a vacation plane, you have to transfer them to your iPhone or, even better, the large iPad screen. You can find out how to do this with just a few taps in this article.

Save PDF files as a book on iPad or iPhone

You don’t necessarily have to buy books for a lot of money in bookshops. For reading in between, the Internet also has plenty of reading material available, which in many cases is even free.

But there are also other reasons to save PDF files from the Internet on the iPhone or iPad for reading. Just think of the operating instructions that many manufacturers of devices of all kinds offer online or exciting brochures that contain information about your next holiday hotel or the sights of an excursion area.

How to download PDF files from the network to the iPhone / iPad

To open a PDF file from the Internet on an Apple smartphone or tablet PC, first start the Safari browser. Then go to the page on which the PDF file is offered for download.

If you tap the corresponding download link with your finger, the file will open. You can now read the document. The problem is that once you close the tab in the browser, the content is lost. Classic scrolling is also not possible because the PDF file is scrolled through from top to bottom.

Save PDF files as a book on iPhone / iPad

To save a PDF file permanently and also for offline reading on the iPhone or iPad, use the iBooks app, which you can download for free from the App Store. To save a PDF that you downloaded from the Internet to the iBooks digital library, open it in the Safari browser as described earlier. Then briefly tap anywhere in the PDF document.

A menu appears at the top of the document. Here you select the entry “Open in ‘iBooks‘”. The PDF is now automatically transferred to your library and is still available in the iBooks virtual bookshelf when you are not online with your smartphone or tablet PC.

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