HP Envy 15-ep0070ng Review – A lot of performance at a fair price

HP Envy 15-ep0070ng Review – A lot of performance at a fair price

The HP Envy 15-ep0070ng can almost completely convince in the test. The performance is great and the variety of connections is great.

HP Envy 15-ep0070ng Review

The stylish housing also houses a very good AMOLED display with Ultra HD resolution. However, the small battery allows only mediocre battery life. The price is okay for the performance.

Technical test data for HP Envy 15-ep0070ng (187Q1EA # ABD) Specification

Product: HP Envy 15-ep0070ng (187Q1EA # ABD)
Processor: Intel Core i7-10750H
Extra graphics chip: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q (6 GB VRAM)
Hard disk (s): 1,024 GB (SSD)
Display resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
Processor cores and clock: 6 cores with 2.6 – 5 GHz
Power dissipation CPU: 45 watts
Random access memory: 32 GB
PCMark 8 (Creative): 7,506 points
PCMark 8 (Storage Bandwidth): 394 MB / s
PCMark 10 (Productivity): 7,768 points
PCMark 10 Photo Editing Score: 10,753 points
PCMark 10 Video Editing Score: 3,349 points
Cinebench 15 (single thread): 207 points
Cinebench 15 (multi-thread): 1,174 points
Cinebench 20 (single thread): 493 points
Cinebench 20 (multi-thread): 2,430 points
3DMark (Night Raid): 28,976 points
3DMark (Night Raid, fps): 220 fps
Display size: 15.6 in
Display: Aspect ratio: 16: 9
Display: Surface: reflective
Display: touch function: Touch display
Display: Convertible function:
Display: Brightness: 373 cd / m²
Display: brightness with 10% white area: 462 cd / m²
Display: brightness distribution: 99%
Display: coverage of sRGB color space: 100%
Display: Adobe color space coverage: 93%
Display: Coverage of DCI-P3 color space: 100%
Display: checkerboard contrast: 206: 1
Display: acceptable viewing angle range: > 90 ° (H) /> 90 ° (V)
Webcam: Yes (0.9 Mpix)
USB Type-A: 2 x USB 3.x Type-A
USB Type-C: 2 x USB-C with Thunderbolt 3
USB-C charger: No
Display connections: 2x Displayport via USB-C, HDMI
Network connection:
SD card reader: micro SDXC
Operating system (tested with): Windows 10 Home
Extras / comments:
Battery life video: 10:15 hours
Battery life PCMark 8 Work: 04:14 hours
Battery life for intensive surfing: 05:17 hours
Battery capacity: 50 watt hours
Battery capacity after 30 minutes of charging: 41% = 21 Wh
Screen-to-body ratio: 79%
Size: 36 x 24 x 2.2 cm
Weight: 2.1 kg
Weight power supply: 650 g
Loudness under full load: according to
General impression of quality: significant
Torsional stiffness: very stable
The display can be opened easily: Yes
Display opening angle: 133 degrees
Keyboard quality impression: very good
Backlit keyboard: Yes, 2 levels of brightness, color: white
Page up, Page down, Home, End: separate buttons
Number pad:
Touchpad quality impression: very good
Separate mouse buttons:
Test time: 09/11/2020

HP Envy 15-ep0070ng: Armed for anything with great computing power

With the Envy series, HP has long offered a device class that stands out from the simpler cases and conveys a noble flair. The aluminum case is massive, stable and chic and, above all, full of considerable technology: with the Envy 15-ep0070ng, for example, HP offers a very powerful processor and an excellent display.

Inside is the Intel Core i7-10750H of the 45 watt class with 6 cores. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q and generously sized 32 gigabytes of RAM support the processor in complex work.

A 1 terabyte SSD ensures fast file access. With this concentrated computing power, the notebook is also suitable for video editing and image processing. It is also very well equipped for demanding in games.

Envy 15-ep0070ng: A shopping trend

The display can also fully convince us in the test. HP uses an AMOLED display that provides deep blacks and excellent contrasts. The 15.6-inch panel has a razor-sharp Ultra HD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

The screen is also extremely colorful and not only completely covers the standard RGB color space, but also the large DCI-P3 color space. The panel reproduces 93 percent of the Adobe RGB color space, which is also large and can be relevant in photo editing and that is also strong.

Typical for OLEDs, the maximum brightness for a pure white picture is not too high and here the device achieves a satisfactory 373 cd/m². Peak brightnesses, measured with 10% white area with an otherwise dark image, are the strengths of OLEDs: Here the display shines with a very good 462 cd / m².

Speaking of gloss: In our eyes, the only weak point of the touch display is the reflective surface. This may make the colors look stronger, but reflections can also make work more difficult. A reflective surface is common in this display class.

HP Envy 15-ep0070ng: Good variety of connections

Fortunately, HP also serves up a wide range of interfaces: two Thunderbolt 3s with USB-C sockets, for example, offer extensive expansion options for docks and displays. And you can easily connect peripheral devices and older hard drives via USB type A sockets.

Both sockets offer the somewhat older 3.0 standard with 5 GBit / s transmission speed (aka 3.1 Gen1). A full HDMI 2.0a connection and a micro SD card reader round off the connections. An HD webcam (1280 x 720 pixels) is integrated in the upper edge of the screen. You can turn them off with a simple keyboard shortcut.

The keyboard has a sufficient travel, good pressure point and two-level lighting. However, the combination of white backlighting and silver keys is not ideal, as the keyboard lettering hardly offers any contrast in the available ambient light.

Next to the arrow keys is the fingerprint sensor integrated into the keyboard, which enables a quick login. The ClickPad with its smooth surface turned out to be precise and comfortable in the test.

HP Envy 15-ep0070ng: Barely good battery life

A 50 watt hour battery is built into the HP Envy 15-ep0070ng. This is rather meager, other devices from our professional notebook best list mostly offer 80 watt hours and more. The battery runtimes we measured are okay, but nothing more.

The notebook was able to play videos continuously for 10 hours, but the battery ran out of breath after about 5 hours during intensive web surfing and it only lasted about 4 hours in the office work test.

After all, the battery can be recharged to 41 percent in 30 minutes. In the test, however, something bothered us that the fan ran continuously. This could be changed via a UEFI setting, which saved 0.5 watts of electricity.

What doesn’t sound like much, is particularly advantageous when viewing videos: Not only is the device silent, you can also easily gain 45 minutes longer running times.

When the device is challenged, the fan turns up audibly, but hardly in any way. The fan only turns significantly higher after prolonged full load and the noise becomes more annoying.

HP Envy 15-ep0070ng Pros:

  • Very good performance
  • Excellent AMOLED 4K display
  • Great variety of connections
  • High quality aluminum housing

HP Envy 15-ep0070ng s:

  • Micro SD card reader only
  • Reflective display surface
  • No LAN connection
  • Just good battery life

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