Ingenious freeware to make Windows 10 looks pretty

Ingenious freeware to make Windows 10 looks pretty

Although the design of Windows 10 is not the worst, there are still a lot of construction sites. That’s why apps and tools that allow users to customize the experience to suit their own needs are very popular.

This category also includes ModernFlyouts, with this you give Windows 10 a chic look. What can be counted as chic and modern right now changes regularly. In terms of speed, it’s no wonder that operating systems tend to lag a little behind.

However, this has been the order of the day with Windows 10 for years: Many of the components simply do not fit together. If you value an appearance that is more up to date, the Windows 10 app ModernFlyouts can help. This gives the flyouts, i.e. the small displays that appear briefly when changing the volume.

Ingenious freeware to make Windows 10 looks pretty

ModernFlyouts: Adapt Windows 10 to your needs

After you have downloaded, installed and started the application , make the changes and then continue to run quietly in the background. The normal flyouts are not ended completely, but only hidden.

This allows you to easily switch back to the standard. In the settings you can also specify exactly which ads should all be replaced, whether you prefer a light or dark theme and much more. You can access the options via the app icon in the system tray at the bottom right.

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