Intel Core i5-9500 with GPU and good performance

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Intel Core i5-9500 with GPU and good performance

The Intel Core i5-9500 is a six-core processor with good CPU performance that works well in an everyday PC or a cheap gaming PC.

Intel Core i5-9500 Review: measured values

On top of that, there is an integrated graphics unit that makes an additional graphics card in an office or media computer obsolete. In addition, the power consumption is low and the price is cheap!

The Intel Core i5-9500 is a CPU of the 9th core generation and intended for socket 1151 motherboards. It is built in a 14 nm production method and has a thermal power loss (TDP) of 65 watts. So you don’t need a special cooling solution. It also has 6 cores, can process 6 threads at the same time and boosts from 3.00 GHz in the base up to 4.40 GHz. The price is around 180 euros.

Technical test data for Intel Core i5-9500 Specification:

Product: Intel Core i5-9500
Core code name: Coffee Lake-R
Manufacturing process: 14 nm
Base type: LGA1151
Processor clock: 3.00 GHz
Maximum processor clock: 4.40 GHz
Maximum power dissipation (TDP): 65 watts
Number of CPU cores: 6
Number of threads: 6
Level 2 cache: 6 x 256 KByte
Level 3 cache: 9 KByte
Benchmark: Cinebench R20, max. CPUs: 2,446 points
Benchmark: PCMark 10 Gaming: 9.139 points
Benchmark: 3DMark Firestrike with RTX 2080 Ti: 23,775 points
Benchmark: 3DMark Time Spy with RTX 2080 Ti: 11,879 points
Benchmark: PassMark Rating: 5,688 points
Benchmark: SPECworkstation 3, Blender: classroom: 1,500.11 seconds
Benchmark: SPECworkstation 3, Blender: BMW27: 154.53 seconds
Benchmark: SPECworkstation 3, FSI: Monte Carlo: 67.77 seconds
Benchmark: SPECworkstation 3, FSI: Black Scholes: 256.78 seconds
Benchmark: HandBrake High Quality – 4K: 121.50 seconds
Benchmark: HandBrake Default – 1080p: 523.94 seconds
Benchmark: 7-Zip compress: 258.02 seconds
Benchmark: SPECworkstation 3, LuxRender: CPU test: 2,834 points
Benchmark: SPECworkstation 3, namd: apoa1: 63.75 seconds
Benchmark: SPECworkstation 3, python36: Multithreaded Matrix: 217.05 seconds
Benchmark: PCMark 10 Essentials: 8,738 points
Benchmark: PCMark 10 Digital Content Creation: 6,996 points
Benchmark: PCMark 10 Productivity: 8,620 points
Benchmark: VeraCrypt: Serpent-Twofish-AES: 791 MB / s
Benchmark: PovRay, 1920 x 1080, AA 0.3: 2,488.7 pixels / s
Integrated graphics unit: Intel UHD Graphics 630
Graphics benchmark: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 22.85 fps
Graphics benchmark: World of Tanks: 4,656 points
Graphics benchmark: 3DMark Cloud Gate: 6,676 points
Graphics benchmark: 3DMark Firestrike: 1,270 points
Graphics benchmark: 3DMark Time Spy: 498 points
Test date: 05/13/2020

Compared to the competing CPU, the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X, the i5-9500 draws the same overall rating. For the most part, the benchmark results differ only marginally. In the gaming area, for example, we measured only 4 points difference in PCMark 10 (Intel: 9,139 points, AMD: 9,135 points).

And with SPECworkstation 3, FSI: Black Scholes it is only around 1 second (Intel: 256.78 seconds, AMD: 255.56 seconds). Greater the difference about the everyday benchmark PCMark 10 Essentials (Intel 8738 points, AMD: 9,340 points), but no one can total from the other in our leaderboard deposed!

The i5-9500 can differ in terms of its integrated graphics unit. It can cope with everyday tasks and graphically undemanding games.

Intel Core i5-9500 Pros:

  • Good value for money
  • Built-in graphics unit

Intel Core i5-9500 Cons:

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