iPhone 13 offers more: high-end feature finally for all users

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iPhone 13 offers more: high-end feature finally for all users

The future iPhone 13 will be much more attractive. If it is true, then a high-end feature of the Apple cell phone should no longer be reserved for the most expensive model and all users and buyers benefit.

iPhone 13 Advantages

What reason do customers actually have to pick up the iPhone 12 Pro Max? Sure, there is the larger 6.7-inch display, but we find another difference in the camera system. This not only offers a larger zoom range, but is also the only model so far that has optical image stabilization with sensor shifting.

iPhone 13 even better: professional image stabilization planned for all models

According to a current report by the well-known industry magazine DigiTimes, Apple plans to expand the previously exclusive feature to all models with the launch of the iPhone 13. As a result, the much cheaper variants apart from the Pro models would also benefit from the practical camera function.

A similar report was previously published by the Korean ETNews, but there was only talk of two models. The assumption here is that not all models have optical image stabilization with sensor shifting, but that the feature is reserved for the Pro versions. After all, in this case at least the iPhone 13 Pro with 6.1-inch display would finally get the function.

Optical image stabilization with sensor shift, why do you need something like that?

Good to know: Until now, optical image stabilization with sensor shifting was only available for expensive DSLR cameras. In contrast to “normal” optical image stabilization, it is not the lens but the image sensor that is stabilized during the recording.

This ensures even better results. So far, this only works with the wide-angle lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so it remains unclear whether the function of the iPhone 13 should still be used for the other two lenses.

From what we already know, it is not the only camera feature that benefits a broader customer base. The LiDAR scanner should not only be found on the iPhone 13 Pro (Max), the iPhone 13 (mini) should also be equipped with it in autumn 2021. Ergo: In the end, customers get more camera performance for their money.

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