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With Local SEO you can search for a tailor’s shop, a restaurant or any other term near your location and find out where you can find what you are looking for using your smartphone with the location function activated.

This is local SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, i.e. the optimization of search engines. Local is associated with a place. So it is about the better findability of places, for example to enable more visitors or sales.

  • When you search for a restaurant in a city on Google or have location turned on, you’ll see a number of restaurants nearby.
  • The search engine services not only name the restaurants, but also display them to you in a specific order.
  • Through a website, but also by registering with the search engine, you can position the restaurant in a better place with suitable keywords.
  • There are also mentions on other sites and reviews from customers.
  • Ultimately, you can also place your restaurant higher up with advertising.
  • Overall, you can think of Local SEO as a modern business directory.


How you can influence local SEO?

As with websites, companies naturally want to appear particularly early on in a search in order to get more clicks and thus more customers.

  • Use the social networks to address a wide range of users.
  • Always use the same data for your name, address and telephone number on the Internet for easier access.
  • Use a place reference in the content and meta information on your homepage so that you are linked to this place.
  • Pay for advertising or position links on local websites.
  • Encourage your customers  to write reviews on Google or TripAdvisor.


With Local SEO you can make your company easier to find.

Google My Business

Google has set up its own service with which you can position your company more specifically locally on the search engine.

  • Log into Google My Business, where you can store company data.
  • Link your company homepage to your Google My Business profile and verify it.
  • You will regularly receive offers for advertisements on Google My Business.

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