Logitech Powerplay Mouse Pad – The future of the PC mouse

Logitech Powerplay Mouse Pad – The future of the PC mouse

With the Powerplay system, Logitech solves one of the most annoying problems of wireless mice thanks to the sensible use of inductive charging. In the practical test, the technology proves to be extremely practical and easy to set up. A few minor blemishes still leave room for a second version. The only question that arises is whether the omission of plugging and unplugging a mouse justifies the extremely high price.

Logitech Powerplay Review

The principle of Powerplay is comparatively simple: the basis for the technology is a special mouse pad that is connected to the computer via USB cable and therefore draws power. A large part of the surface (total: 32 x 27.5 cm) has induction coils that are used for wireless charging. We place one of the two surfaces supplied on top, either hard plastic or fabric, depending on personal preference.

At the top left is the wireless receiver including USB port, which on the one hand enables the mouse to be operated wirelessly and on the other hand also provides inductive charging. Logitech relies on a proprietary system, which limits the charge to in-house and specially made compatible products.

Unfortunately, we cannot charge other devices, such as smartphones, on the mat. High-end mouse G903 and the upper mid-range model G703. If the system prevails, we expect a large number of other rodents to be supported via power play.

Powerplay is convincing in practice and in everyday use. On the one hand, the setup is child’s play: Simply set up the pad, select the surface and connect the USB plug to the receiver and computer.

Then the so-called Powercore to the mouse of choice, the construction is already underway. Everything else happens automatically in the background. Since Logitech designs its system so that the battery continues to charge even when the mouse is moved.

We use the mouse almost indefinitely without ever having to connect a cable directly to the rodent. Powerplay charges the mouse battery to a charge level of 95 percent and then discharges it again to 80 percent. This is intended to significantly reduce wear. A white LED on the mouse pad receiver indicates whether the input device is currently charging or discharging.

Logitech G903 & 703: Very Good Mouse

Both currently compatible devices are among the best wireless gaming mice on the market. The Logitech G903 is an adapted version of the G900 Chaos Spectrum and costs around 160 euros. Although the price is extremely high, it offers and in addition to the space for a Powercore unit, an excellent gaming performance.

It lies comfortably in the hand, is extremely precise and can be configured down to the last detail using the free Logitech gaming software. The connection between receiver and mouse is very efficient, which is why the precision when working and playing is at the level of a wired model.

The Logitech G703 also caters for demanding gamers, but does without some nice comfort features and currently costs around 110 euros. The biggest differences are in the layout of the mouse. While the G903 is equally suitable for left and right-handers due to its symmetrical design and the interchangeable thumb buttons, the G703 is only left to right-handers.

Technically, however, both models do not take anything. The laser sensor offers a resolution of up to 12,000 dpi, which can be adjusted in 50 dpi steps using the software menu.

The space for the Powercore module is also located on the underside and the connection to the receiver is just as excellent as with the G903. From a price-performance perspective, the G703 is therefore our model of choice if you are right-handed.

Logitech Powerplay Pros:

  • Very practical in everyday life
  • Easy setup
  • Technically well implemented
  • Two surfaces in one package

Logitech Powerplay Cons:

  • Compatible only with expensive mice
  • Only one size mousepad available
  • Expensive overall package

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