Medion Office-Set MD88385 Review: keyboard, mouse, headset, webcam all in one

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Medion Office-Set MD88385 Review: keyboard, mouse, headset, webcam all in one

The most important utensils in the home office besides a PC or notebook? Keyboard, mouse, headset and webcam. Everything is available in the Medion Office set MD88385.

Medion Office-Set MD88385 Review

But is that any good? Nation in lockdown. Half of the people now works in the home office. But if you want to work properly, you need a decent keyboard / mouse set.

And for video calls via Skype, Teams or Zoom, a good keyboard, webcam and a usable headset are a must. All of this will be available from January 4th for the Medion MD88385 office set.

Medion Life Bluetooth keyboard / mouse set E81114

Write long texts with the notebook keyboard? Often a cramp. Cropping images or making color corrections using the touchpad? What a horror! It works better with separate input devices such as the duo in the Medion MD88385 office set.

The Medion Bluetooth keyboard/mouse set E81114 (MD 85014) connects users wirelessly via Bluetooth with a notebook or PC. So there are no annoying strings on the desk.

On top of that, there is enough freedom of movement: Medion specifies the maximum range between keyboard / mouse set and computer as ten meters. The keyboard layout with its 105 keys is largely DIN-compliant.

The F keys of the 485 gram keyboard are occupied on the second level with additional functions such as controlling video playback. Good: Like many other keyboards, the E81114 can be angled slightly and this is easy on the wrists when typing.

The mouse weighs 54 grams without a battery (1x type AA required). The sensor on the underside records the surface with a maximum of 1,600 dpi and the scanning depth can be increased or decreased using a button below the scroll wheel. Medion also promises long battery life: the mouse should last twelve months, the keyboard’s AAA battery for nine months.

Medion Life PC USB Headset E83265

Whether at home or in the office, a headset is always recommended for meetings via teams, Skype or Zoom. This is the only way to make agreements undisturbed and without disturbing others.

The Medion Life PC USB Headset E83265 is a simple copy in the MD88385 office set. This can be easily connected to the notebook or PC via USB, drivers are not required for the installation. The 1.80 meter long connection cable also offers sufficient freedom of movement.

There is a small wired remote control in the connection cable. The volume can be adjusted or the microphone can be muted independently of the notebook or PC.

The microphone boom is flexible, so it should be easy to place in front of the mouth. According to the manufacturer, the ear cups are covered with soft synthetic leather and they should ensure a comfortable fit.

Medion Life Webcam P86366

PC monitors usually have no built-in webcams, the lenses in notebooks often capture your own likeness in a creepy quality. Separate cameras like the Medion Life Webcam P86366 are better. Great: In the practical test, the holder allowed a secure fit on large PC screens, but also on thin notebook displays.

Medion placed the actual camera on a small ball joint. So it can be rotated left, right, up and down. No drivers were required for the installation in the test: Connect the webcam, which weighs 116 grams, to a free USB port, Windows then automatically sets up the device for use, done.

Great: The connection cable is 2 meters long and that’s enough for plugging into PCs, which are usually under the desk. The live webcam records video recordings in Full HD with 1,920×1,080 pixels, the built-in autofocus ensures that the recorded faces are sharp and not too dark.

In the tests, the webcam coped well with backlighting, it did not darken other parts of the image in backlighting. Nice extra: blue LEDs on the left and right of the lens inform the user as soon as a picture is taken.

Conclusion: Medion Office-Set MD88385

Four devices in one package, the Medion MD88385 office set includes useful accessories for the home office. Sure, for the estimated 69.99 euros you can’t expect top-class hardware, the package is still tightly calculated: The Medion Life Bluetooth keyboard / mouse set E81114 cost 20 euros at the time of the test on the Medion website.

The Medion Life PC USB Headset E83265 25 euros and a comparably equipped webcam at the idealo price comparison around 35 euros. That’s a total of 80 euros, instead of almost 70 euros for the Medion MD88385 office set.

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