Nexpose Download for Kali Linux – How to Install Nexpose on Kali Linux

Nexpose Download for Kali Linux – How to Install Nexpose on Kali Linux

Did you know that you can finally find a Nexpose download for Kali Linux? As a Linux user, you are probably disappointed at the fact that Nexpose did not support Kali Linux. However, Kali Linux users are now in luck because you can get your Nexpose on right away.

Supports Kali Linux

Before you look for a rapid7 Nexpose download for your Kali Linux device, you might want to know about this happy news. So, with the new Nexpose 5.9.13 release, the developers of this program have decided to support Kali Linux as one of the operating systems that can handle this program.

You will be able to download and install Nexpose on your Kali Linux device. You can install this program on Kali Linux 64-bit version 1.0.6.

Installing Nexpose in Your Kali Linux Device

Now that you know about the good news, let’s talk about how to install this program on your Kali Linux device. So, installing Nexpose on Your Kali Linux device is very easy. And luckily for you, we are going to give you some steps on how to do this. Here are the steps that you should certainly follow:

  • Install the 64-bit version of the Kali Linux operating system on your device
  • Make sure that your host can fulfill the installation requirements of Nexpose
  • Find the Nexpose installer. You can find the Nexpose download free
  • Log onto your Kali Linux device
  • Find the directory that has the Nexpose installer
  • Make the installer executable by changing the permissions
  • Run the installer

Tips When Installing Nexpose

There are several things that you need to know when you are installing Nexpose in Kali Linux. First of all, you will be glad to know that the installer will guide you throughout the whole installation process. However, the installer will ask you a few questions that you need to answer. These questions give you several options for you to choose from.

You should know that the installation will include a PostgreSQL database. This database will help you store reports, scan data, and much other important information. However, you need to make sure to change the database port for Nexpose to any number if you want this database to be able to support other security tools.

The installation will also offer you several other options for to choose from. You can decide to install the Scan Engine. It will also offer you to allow Nexpose to start automatically once you have successfully installed it. And that is what you need to know about the Nexpose download for Kali Linux.

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