Peephole with camera? That is not possible!

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The days are getting shorter and shorter and it is getting dark earlier and earlier. This is the time when many homeowners also worry about the security of their home.

Peephole with camera

Perhaps you have already thought about installing additional security locks, but perhaps you have already come to the point that you want protection and security through the installation of a video surveillance system.

But be careful, this is not possible in an apartment building. An apartment owner had to experience this after installing a peephole with an integrated video camera in his apartment entrance door.

Video camera covered the entire hallway

The case decided was about an apartment owner who was a hunter. Since he stored his weapons and ammunition in his apartment, he had an increased need for security.

In order to better protect himself and his weapons against burglars, the man installed a peephole with an integrated camera on his apartment entrance door. The camera recorded the entire hallway and thus also monitored the communal property at the same time. As a result, the other owners saw their privacy rights violated and sued for the camera to be removed.

Only surveillance of private property by video camera is permitted

The lawsuit was successful because the peephole with a built-in camera represented a massive violation of the general privacy rights of the other residents and their visitors. The following applies: It is not allowed to record with a video camera who enters and leaves the residential complex.

If such a camera is used at all, it may only make recordings within the separate property. Such recordings are not permitted outside the home. Therefore, there was a right to remove the camera.

This means the judgment for you: The judgment is no longer entirely new, but it is still very relevant to you. Because now you know: Even if the desire to install video cameras is absolutely understandable from a security point of view, you cannot realize it in an apartment building. As soon as you take in what is happening in the area of community property, you encroach on the privacy rights of others.

And this personal right takes precedence over your safety. It is therefore better to decide to secure the windows and doors of your apartment with additional security locks. For such security measures you only need a resolution with a simple majority.

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