Samsung Evo Plus & Pro Plus: The fastest SD cards

Samsung Evo Plus & Pro Plus: The fastest SD cards

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Samsung Evo Plus & Pro Plus: The fastest SD cards

The SD cards are the food for digital cameras. The new models Samsung Evo Plus and Samsung Pro Plus are cheap and fast, as the test proves.

The fastest SD Cards

Faster, cheaper: the fresh SD memory cards from Samsung called Pro Plus and Evo Plus. We has already tested them. The SD memory cards are small and, above all, inexpensive.

There are seldom major differences in low-cost models and unlike the new Samsung Evo Plus and Samsung Pro Plus SD cards. They should show that cheap can be really good. The test says whether that works.

Samsung Evo Plus and Pro Plus: No turbo technology

The two new SD memory cards should not break any speed records. They therefore have the UHS-I technology common to SD cards. This works fine with most cameras.

Only more expensive models come with slots for cards with the faster UHS-II technology. And even then, a UHS-I card is often enough, for example when photographers want to use both slots on cameras like the Sony Alpha 7 III to write the recordings on two memory cards at the same time.

The second slot often only works with UHS-I and thus slows the camera to UHS-I speed if you use both slots. The UHS-I technology, however, makes good use of the cards: When reading both, here are almost 94 megabytes per second(MBps) inside; only the Pro Plus when writing, it manages almost 80 (MBps) here, the Evo Plus is a bit slower when writing (see test table below).

Test results Samsung Pro Plus and Evo Plus Specification

Test results Samsung Pro Plus, 256 GB Samsung Evo Plus, 128 GB
Transmission technology UHS-I UHS-I
Usable memory 238 GB 119 GB
Write very large files very fast (79.7 MBps) fast (62.8 MBps)
Writing medium-sized files fast (54.9 MBps) a bit slow (47.0 MBps)
Writing very small files slow (3.1 MBps) slow (3.1 MBps)
Reading very large files very fast (93.8 MBps) very fast (93.7 MBps)
Read medium-sized files fast (74.6 MBps) fast (74.9 MBps)
Reading very small files very slow (4.9 MBps) very slow (5.0 MBps)
Access time when writing / reading fast (1.12 ms) / very fast (0.27 ms) fast (1.12 ms) / very fast (0.27 ms)


New Samsung SD cards: extra robust

While SD cards used to be quite sensitive, the Samsung Evo Plus and Samsung Pro Plus should be able to withstand a lot. Waterproof up to 1 meter for 72 hours, drop-proof from a height of up to 5 meters and suitable for long-term use: The cards should withstand insertion and removal of up to 10,000 times.

Prices, sizes and availability

The two memory cards are each available in four sizes, which the manufacturer plans to bring to the market. Samsung Evo Plus: The smallest card with 32 gigabytes (GB) should cost 7.99 euros, the larger cards cost 10.99 euros (64 GB), 19.99 euros (128 GB) and 43.99 euros (256 GB). Samsung Pro Plus: This version is around 20 percent more expensive.

The price should be 9.49 euros (32 GB), 13.19 euros (64 GB) and 23.99 euros (128 GB). The surcharge is only clearer for the 256 GB version and it should cost 52.79 euros.

Conclusion: Samsung Evo Plus and Pro Plus

The Samsung Evo Plus (test score 2.3) and the Samsung Pro Plus (test score 1.9) are not only close in terms of price. If you value fast transferring photos and videos, you can take the cheaper Evo Plus and it is just as quick to access and read as the more expensive Pro Plus.

The Pro version is particularly interesting for sports photographers and videographers, because the higher writing speed means that the camera’s cache is emptied more quickly for series shots, and the camera is ready for use again more quickly.

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