Samsung HW-Q900T Review: A big soundbar with great sound

Samsung HW-Q900T Review: A big soundbar with great sound

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Samsung HW-Q900T Review: A big soundbar with great sound

The Samsung HW-Q900T sets the new standard for outstanding home theater sound in the test and, together with the powerful subwoofer, makes the competition look old.

Samsung HW-Q900T Review

The surround sound, which can be expanded via wireless extensions if required, is also particularly popular. The equipment can also convince with a WiFi connection, Alexa as a voice assistant and some interesting functions for Samsung devices.

However, it is not completely complete, we miss airplay and a jack entrance, for example. For around 800 euros, the soundbar is also really not a bargain.

Technical test data for Samsung HW-Q900T Specification:

Product: Samsung HW-Q900T
Speaker configuration: 7.1.2
Total soundbar performance: 246 watts
Subwoofer power: 160 watts
Wireless subwoofer: Yes
Wired subwoofer: No
Wall bracket: Yes
HDMI inputs: 1 socket
HDMI outputs: 1 socket
ARC: Yes
eARC: Yes
Audio input: optical: Yes
Audio input: Cinch: No
Audio input: Jack: No
Bluetooth: Yes
aptX: No
LAN: Yes
wireless subwoofer supports: Yes
Subwoofer output (wired): No
Expandable to a surround system: Yes
Dolby Digital: Yes
Dobly Atmos: Yes
DTS: Yes
FM tuner: No
DAB tuner: No
Multiroom system:
Airplay: No
Chromecast: No
Spotify Connect: Yes
Amazon Alexa: Yes
Google Assistant: No
Display: Yes
Automatic calibration: No
Dimensions soundbar: 123 x 7 x 14 cm
Dimensions subwoofer: 20.5 x 40.3 x 40.3 cm

Samsung HW-Q900T: Convincing features have their price

With a price of around 850 euros, the Samsung HW-Q900T is in the upper price range, but it can also score with extensive equipment. The 7.1.2 soundbar has an HDMI input and output, an optical audio interface, Bluetooth and (W) LAN.

There are many ways to bring audio signals to the soundbar. The Samsung has only dispensed with cinch and jack inputs.

A separate 160 watt subwoofer is also available to the side of the soundbar so that it can move up in the lower pitches. This is connected wirelessly. You can also wirelessly connect additional return channel boxes and expand the soundbar to create a surround system.

Alexa even has a voice assistant on board, which can also be deactivated if desired. The popular streaming service is integrated into the speaker via Spotify Connect, but the lack of AirPlay means that the integration in iOS is not that seamless.

Dolby Atmos, a game mode optimized by surround sound, HDR 10+ and support for all important playback formats round off the overall picture. The soundbar can also be controlled by smartphone using the SmartThings app for Android and iOS.

“Tap Sound” is also possible with compatible smartphones from the manufacturer. This function transfers the playback of the mobile phone to the soundbar when the two approach each other with a tap gesture.

The HW-Q900T measures 123 x 7 x 14 centimeters, the subwoofer has a volume of 20.5 x 40.3 x 40.3 centimeters. The former can be placed very flexibly using the wall bracket.

We particularly like the textile surface, which, together with the high-quality workmanship, also looks great. With a solid interface selection, WLAN and a clever integration of the Samsung devices, the equipment of the HW-Q900T convinced in the test.

Samsung HW-Q900T test: Great sound with strong surround sound effects

With the HW-Q900T, Samsung sets the standard for powerful cinema sound in the price range under 900 euros. Together with the wireless 160 watt subwoofer, this soundbar manages to offer a voluminous, yet balanced sound that brings out action spectacles as well as music or quieter films.

Our testers were particularly impressed by the sound with its full surround sound, which benefits from the up-ringing speakers and Dolby Atmos. However, these also require a suitable ceiling and if the ceilings are too high or suspended, you will notice reductions.

Samsung HW-Q900T Advantages:

  • Great sound
  • Convincing surround sound
  • WiFi, Alexa and Spotify Connect

Samsung HW-Q900T Disdvantages:

  • No jack or cinch input
  • No Airplay or Chromecast

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