Somikon Full HD webcam with microphone practical review

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Somikon Full HD webcam with microphone practical review

Somikon is storming into the webcam market, which is currently in high demand, with a cheap USB camera. A practical test shows whether the purchase is worthwhile.

Somikon Full HD Webcam Short Review

At the beginning of the C crisis in March 2020, webcams experienced an unexpected boom in demand. The small USB cameras were suddenly more in demand than hair-cutting sets or yoga mats. As a result, prices rose by up to 400 percent. We reported on the 2020 webcam prices.

Webcams are still in great demand today. If you want to look good in video conferences, you should at least choose a model with a full HD sensor. These are usually only available from 35 euros.

In this respect, the Full HD USB webcam from Somikon is extremely attractive at a price of less than 30 euros. It is available from the mail order company Pearl under order number NX-4850.

Accordingly, we approached the practical test with skepticism. But the Somikon webcam surprised us positively right out of the box. The small USB camera is neatly processed and makes a stable impression.

The bracket has two joints and can be adjusted as a stand so that the webcam can be used solo. Or you can open the bracket and hang the webcam on top of your PC screen.

We tried it with several monitors in the editorial office and a safe position could almost always be avoided. It can be more difficult with notebooks. Especially with no laptops, the camera cannot be attached properly. The best way to do this is to put it next to the notebook.

Somikon Full HD USB webcam: practical test

Installation is easy. We plug the approx. 170 cm long USB cable into a free port on the PC and off we go. Manual driver installation is not required. In our practical tests with Skype, Zoom and, the Somikon device was recognized immediately and was easy to use.

The image quality in video conferences is impressive, even if only a maximum of only 30 fps in full HD is possible. Even in less than perfect lighting conditions, the picture remains bright enough and we can be easily recognized by other participants in the conversation.

If you take a closer look in full-screen mode, you notice that the necessary sharpness of detail is somewhat lacking, but on the whole the picture quality is very decent. The Somikon Full HD USB webcam is superior to the often disappointing image quality of many cheap notebooks with built-in webcam.

The Somikon model does not have extras such as its own LED to illuminate the user, autofocus or face tracking, which is not to be expected given the low price. However, we would have liked a small LED that shows when the camera is in operation.

In terms of sound quality, we can make ourselves well understood, even if the sound is slightly muffled and a little too quiet. In addition, there is minimal but constant background noise. If you need more sound quality, you should also buy a good headset.

Somikon Full HD USB webcam: conclusion

If you need a cheap webcam for video conferences with colleagues or relaxed chats with friends and relatives these days, you won’t go wrong with the cheap Somikon model (NX-4850). The picture and sound quality is completely sufficient for webcam beginners. Compared to many integrated notebook webcams, the Somikon model is a clear upgrade.

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