Sound revolution: New technology brings sound to the ear without headphones or speakers

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Sound revolution: New technology brings sound to the ear without headphones or speakers

A new sound technology should enable users to make music and the like audible directly in the ear without the need for speakers or headphones.

New Sound Technology

This is made possible by a patented ultrasonic audio technology, which is supposed to bring a completely new sound experience.

A start-up was founded in Israel around ten years ago with the aim of enabling people to hear sound without them having to wear headphones or use a loudspeaker.

Now Noveto Systems Ltd. celebrated its world premiere with the Soundbeamer 1.0 at four different locations in Tel Aviv, Berlin, Shanghai and Miami. TV icon Thomas Gottschalk was even present at the performance at “Adlon Kempinski” in Berlin.

Moderator was visibly enthusiastic about the technology: “My girlfriend was able to listen to the sound of the sea while I listened to the bees humming, together without headphones. Really amazing.”


Soundbeamer 1.0: Sound without headphones and speakers, that’s how it works

Sound enjoyment without headphones or speakers: the Soundbeamer 1.0 is supposed to make that possible. The start-up’s patented ultrasonic audio technology enables ultrasonic waves to be transmitted directly to the ear to create a 3D spatial audio experience. These are generated with DSP algorithms and emitted into the air via a specially developed transducer array.

The 3D sensor module integrated in the hardware locates and tracks the position of the ears in real time and thus determines the point at which the waves converge to smaller sound pockets directly outside the ear.

According to the developer, the technology should be versatile, for example for television, on the PC, in the car or during video conferences.

“It is an exciting and exciting time for Noveto and audio technology. The soundbeamer will revolutionize and lastingly change the sound experience for people.

Discussions about cooperation with companies from a wide variety of sectors have already been successfully conducted,” said Noveto CEO Dr. Christoph Ramstein. The market entry for the Soundbeamer 1.0 is planned for the end of 2021, the retail price will be 495 euros.

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