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With the hard drive tool “SSD Fresh Plus 2021” you can optimize the performance of SSDs and extend the service life of an SSD (Solid State Disc).

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This is necessary because, under Windows, access to drives is based on “classic” HDDs. An SDD, on the other hand, does not need defragmentation or indexing for Windows searches, for example.

The sleep mode also causes unnecessary read and write access, but does not really bring any speed advantages on a solid-state drive.

With a click of the mouse on “Start Auto-Optimization” you can correct all relevant Windows settings for an optimal service life of your SSD with the free full version “SSD Fresh Plus 2021”, which you can download exclusively from us.

For example, the TRIM function ensures that SSDs can directly overwrite deleted blocks without verification.

This improves the working speed by avoiding unnecessary read and write accesses. In addition to 1-click maintenance, you can also switch all parameters on and off manually and activate a background monitor that checks the settings once a week.

In addition to general information about your SSD and HDD hard drives in your PC, such as data capacity or drive size, you will find the “SMART data” button on the “Overview” tab. This SMART analysis system (short for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) provides information on key figures such as operating hours or read error rate.

In this way, you can identify imminent drive failures at an early stage. The SSD Optimizer “SSD Fresh Plus 2021” is completed with the “Live Analysis”.

Information about SSD Fresh Plus 2021 – Free full version

The service life and the working speed of SSD hard drives can be significantly improved with “SSD Fresh Plus 2021”. After the 1-click optimization, the hard disk tool uses various measures to reduce the number of read and write processes, thus increasing the service life of the drives and increasing performance.

The free full version can also query SMART data and thus display the status of HDD and SSD hard drives. In the case of SSD optimization, “SSD Fresh Plus”, for example, activates the “TRIM” command, which informs Windows that blocks that have been deleted or otherwise freed are no longer used.

Time is also saved by the fact that no access times to files are saved, since this also avoids unnecessary memory accesses. The auto function deactivates other Windows default settings that only make sense for classic hard disks: hibernation mode, exporting the Windows kernel, preloading programs or defragmenting the boot files. Alternatively, the individual switches can also be switched on or off manually.

SSD Fresh Plus: Display the status of HDD and SSD hard drives with “SMART data”

In addition to an optimized interaction between Windows and SSDs, the free tool “SSD Fresh Plus” allows you to query drive information, for example about the space used and the file system used on all SSD and HDD drives.

Modern hard drives also have a self-monitoring method: SMART (short for “Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology”).

The data of this monitoring reveal, for example, the read error rate (Raw Read Error Rate), the number of reassigned sectors (Reallocated Sector Count) and uncorrectable sectors (Scan Error Rate) or measured temperatures (Drive Temperature).

Based on these facts, imminent hard drive crashes can be determined. Tip: If you move the mouse pointer over an i-symbol.

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