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  1. A laser printer with WLAN is wirelessly connected to your computer or laptop in a network. With wireless data transmission, you can enjoy the convenience of being able to set up the large or small laser printer with WLAN practically anywhere. There are laser printers with WLAN with scanners and copiers, which are also known as multifunction printers with WLAN. It is very practical if you can control the laser printer with WLAN via mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. When deciding whether to buy a normal printer or a 4-in-1 laser printer with WiFi, it is important whether you decide for or
  2. It is possible to connect different devices to each other via radio. The technology for this is called WiFi Direct. What is WiFi Direct? There are now many generations of WiFi Direct. They all have some things in common: WiFi-Direct is a certificate from the Wi-Fi Alliance. The Wi-Fi Alliance has over 600 members, including Intel, Apple, DELL, Microsoft and LG. You can find an extensive list of members here. WiFi-Direct makes it possible to establish a mutual connection with compatible devices without an internet connection. This is how you can set up a wireless netwo
  3. Tablet PCs are becoming more and more popular and are right on trend. When they are used as work equipment, more and more problems arise depending on the purpose. Many versions are not suitable for professional use, especially in the field. In this article you will find valuable tips on how you can use tablet PCs sensibly and safely at work. How safe the tablet PC? A tablet PC has many advantages. Especially the small size and the low weight. It can be stowed away quickly and taken out again just as quickly. That is why tablet PCs are very popular in the field and with service technic
  4. In this day and age, more and more technologies are being developed and various devices are coming onto the market that are supposed to make your life easier. This includes the tablet computer. This is currently seen as a replacement for the classic laptop because it is slimmer, more flexible and easier to use. Here you will find tips to help you choose the right computer. Computer choice: laptop or tablet computer? If you are also faced with choosing between a tablet and a laptop, the following tips will certainly be of use to you. Tablet The tablet computer has a clear
  5. When are children allowed to use the computer? Some experts believe that children who can use a computer very early on are better prepared for school later, while others say that too much technology at such a tender age overwhelms children. Read this article about the advantages and disadvantages of computers for children. Advantages for children with computer The computer can promote fine motor skills By pressing buttons and moving the mouse, small children's hands and fingers on the computer receive the same training that they get from finger painting or doodling (even if thi
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