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  1. Who says better? QNAP TS-453BT3: Thunderbolt 3, 10 Gb/s, NVMe and HDMI in a four-bay NAS. Connectivity is more and more important in NAS. And if we are often entitled to rather high-sounding models on this side, there are exceptions that rely on the multiple possibilities of modern machines. This is the case with QNAP's TS-453BT3 which does not fit with the back of the spoon. In the small world of NAS, products follow and resemble each other. On the general public market, they have adopted the “shoebox” form of certain mini PC, more or less wide depending on the number of bays they have.
  2. If having a 10 Gb/s local network is still a dream for many of us, it remains difficult to access due to the cost of complete equipment. To put an end to Gigabit at a lower cost, standards such as MultiGig at 2.5 or 5 Gb/s have nevertheless appeared. Asustor seized it with its Nimbustor 4, for what result? When looking for a consumer NAS, we most often tend to turn first to the two giants QNAP and Synology, offering turnkey solutions. We can also build a homemade machine, perfectly suited to our needs, but with a software layer that is less practical on a daily basis. In this sector, ther
  3. In addition to the evolution of its ADM interface, Asustor streamlines its backup and synchronization tools. This will require the arrival of Backup Cloud Center and Data Sync Center, currently in beta. But behind the ads, do they do the job? In the classic trio of consumer NAS, of course, we find Synology and its main challenger QNAP, but also Asustor. The company has been trying in recent years to stand out with products with unusual characteristics, both in its classic offer and that intended for businesses. But its ADM interface is evolving slowly and is lagging behind, despite recurr
  4. Yes the Synology DSM 7.0 available in preview, how to install it, what's new? It has been almost two years since we waited for the new major version of the NAS interface from Synology. It is now available in Preview for certain models. We installed it to see what it brought in practice. The Synology has just passed two difficult years. In the midst of a strategic turn, dealing more and more with the "Pro" market and its high-end offer, the manufacturer has suffered from the onslaught of competition, especially QNAP: multiple upgrades of QTS, ZFS integration, "Cloud" version », AMD CPU, general
  5. Hard Kernel continues to strengthen its Odroid H2 (+) by adding a string to its bow, which will appeal to fans of home network solutions: a daughter card with no less than four RJ45 ports at 2.5 Gb/s. The manufacturer takes the opportunity to review its official boxes. The Odroid H2 saga continues. After a “+” version equipped with a new Intel processor and two 2.5 Gb/s network ports, Hard Kernel has discreetly put a new accessory on the market in January: a 4x 2.5 Gb daughter card allowing to set up a real small router: the H2 Net Card. Odroid H2 + with x86 CPU and 2x 2.5 Gb/s: at 161 eu
  6. Servers are suitable for different operating systems. While a Windows server is comparatively easy to manage, Linux servers are usually more suitable for tech nerds and professionals who are well versed in the subject. With a home server you expand the possibilities of your home network. Save music and films so that you can access them from all computers on the network. Or save important documents and backups on your own server in the future. Depending on your needs, you can choose between different server types. For example, you can buy a powerful and configurable server with an Intel Xeon pr
  7. The data is safe in your own cloud server. Even in times of streaming and cloud services, network hard drives remain attractive for many users. That makes sense: Sensitive data such as videos, holiday pictures or documents do not have to be downloaded onto the Internet, but remain in your own four walls and are available to the entire family at the same time. The tests NAS storage for the home. You can find our recommendations from us. NAS server test 2021: the best network hard drives Network Attached Storage, or NAS for short, may sound complicated at first, but it is actually
  8. NAS vs Cloud: When purchasing a central storage location, it is often considered whether a NAS system or a cloud application is the method of choice. In this practical tip you will find out what differences exist and what makes sense for you. NAS Server VS Cloud Server - these are the differences A NAS is a " Network Attached Storage ", i.e. a storage device that is connected to your home network and is located directly at your home. A cloud storage space is actually just a rented storage space on a third-party server. Simply put, in this case you save your data on anot
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