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  1. If the microphone no longer works on the Windows 10 operating system, this can have many causes. There may be problems with the hardware. But it can also be due to the settings. Last but not least, it may be the driver that paralyzes the microphone. In this practical tip, we present a few suggested solutions. Microphone does not work: Hardware problems The problem may not be with your computer, but with the microphone itself: Check that you have inserted the device correctly. Microphone sockets are usually outlined in pink and marked with a hand microphone. Test the m
  2. Many self-employed, freelancers, entrepreneurs or private individuals are of the opinion that by creating their own website they have already taken an important step on the way to digital success. But this walk alone is usually not enough to draw the desired attention in the end. We take a look at important ways that can instead increase traffic and thus also serve financial goals. How to get clicks for your website 1. Content is the key There is still no means on the World Wide Web to compensate for the value of good content. Every page is about first giving the reader added valu
  3. When you write press releases, relying solely on search engine criteria such as keywords and links can significantly affect the quality of the texts and your personal SEO goal. Instead, the importance of relevant content is increasing in order to both satisfy the target group's need for information and to positively influence the indexing by Google and Bing by Microsoft. Writing SEO Press Releases 1. Optimize the indexing of your SEO press releases with relevant content The analysis of web content by Google and Co. includes keywords and hyperlinks as well as the content itself. T
  4. With the Fire TV Stick, Amazon has a very successful product in its portfolio that turns every television into a smart TV. We show you what the device can do in principle; In the text we tell you how you can use a few tricks to get even more out of your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Just a few months after the market launch, Amazon announced in autumn 2015 that the Fire TV Stick was the best-selling product on amazon. Five years later, the still very popular TV stick is now available in different designs and price categories. In the following text, we will explain how you can use your Amazon Fire
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