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  1. If the microphone no longer works on the Windows 10 operating system, this can have many causes. There may be problems with the hardware. But it can also be due to the settings. Last but not least, it may be the driver that paralyzes the microphone. In this practical tip, we present a few suggested solutions. Microphone does not work: Hardware problems The problem may not be with your computer, but with the microphone itself: Check that you have inserted the device correctly. Microphone sockets are usually outlined in pink and marked with a hand microphone. Test the m
  2. Windows usually always appears with the same font package. In the long run, this offers little variety in the selection of fonts for writing texts. In this post, I'll show you where you can find new fonts for Windows 10 and how you can easily install them or delete fonts that are no longer used. Installing new fonts on Windows 10 You can upgrade your texts, such as letters, certificates or other documents, with new fonts. The use of engaging fonts can also increase reader attention. After all, most users are familiar with the standard Windows fonts. The choice of fonts on Windows is si
  3. There are numerous folders on each hard drive. While some directories you may never open, there are others that you will browse regularly because they contain files that are important to you. Microsoft has set up quick access so that you always have your most important folders at hand. You can find out how to use it and customize it in this article. Windows 10 Quick Access Tutorial Things that you need every day, like your wallet or the keys to your apartment, will likely be kept in one central place where you can find them quickly at any time. Microsoft's quick access works similarly
  4. The Windows 10 taskbar gives you access to a lot of interesting information. Here you will find the icons of important programs, the system clock and a calendar, among other things. You can also access your computer's settings. What is less well known is that you can also open favorite folders from the taskbar. I will show you how to do this in this post. How to place folders in the taskbar in Windows 10 The taskbar is a central point of contact under Windows 10 when it comes to controlling the computer, and not just because of the revived Start menu. Due to the permanent accessibilit
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