Teufel Motiv GO – A compact party sound

With an astonishingly rich and spacious sound for its mobile volume, the Teufel Motiv Go was the best compromise between a compact form factor and high sound quality in the test. Treble and bass are convincing, the more voluminous competition is only better positioned at high volumes.

Teufel Motiv GO Review: compact, but few features

The equipment covers the basics with Bluetooth 5.0, Aux and a water protection, but could have been more extensive for the very high price. The battery life is also a bit short at 7:42 hours. In the video we tell you what to look for when buying a Bluetooth speaker.

With the Teufel Motiv Go we get a compact loudspeaker whose inconspicuous exterior does not initially suggest the amazing sound. This sound is played here via Bluetooth 5.0 or in the classic way via an aux cable.

The Go also allows the radio connection to two feeders at the same time, whereby a song is played alternately by each device, a somewhat niche feature that allows, for example, DJ fights. If a call comes in in between, the built-in microphone also provides a hands-free function.

The loudspeaker itself makes a valuable impression and consists of an aluminum frame as well as the visually appealing fabric surface. Despite its permeable appearance, the Motiv GO is protected from wet damage thanks to its certified IPX5 water protection.

The most important buttons, including play / pause and volume control for connected devices, are located on the housing itself. There is also a battery LED.

The features of the Motiv Go cover the basics, but lack highlights. For the price, some competitors offer features like NFC or even WiFi and AirPlay support.

The fact that the GO cannot be combined with other speakers to form a sound system is also disappointing. For around 250 euros, there would have been more in it. The Teufel Motiv Go is well equipped with a good Bluetooth range and water protection. Only in terms of price does it seem a bit lean.


Full sound in the smallest of spaces

As mentioned at the beginning, the Motiv GO offers a surprisingly high-quality sound for its compact exterior. In the test, it particularly impresses with its very spatial sound, which does not stop at a rich bass. As is often the case with these models, this is a bit too strong for the taste of our testers, but overall it is okay.

We also liked the highs, although they can be a bit exhausting in songs with intentionally distorted or artificial elements. Voices are a bit too spatial and less central, which means that there is a lack of presence and directness. Whether the spatial resolution is better or worse depends very much on the song being played.

The Motiv Go seems to be made for high volumes. This makes it a competent candidate for the next private party, but speakers such as the Dockin D Fine + are even richer and more stable at high volume levels.

On the other hand, these are usually more voluminous, the devil is probably one of the best combinations of (still) compact form factor and high sound quality. But if you don’t mind larger speakers, you will find the sound of models such as Teufel Rockster Cross or the JBL Xtreme 3 more pleasant.

Technical test data for Teufel Motiv GO Specification:

Product: Devil motive GO
Running time: 7:42 hours
Weight: 905 g
Dimensions: 212 x 65 x 115 mm
Loading time: 2:40 hours
Battery capacity: n / a
Power bank function:
Splash protection:
Hands-free function:
Internet radio:
Headphone connection:
Charging via USB:
Inductive charging:
Bag or case:
Coupling of several players:
Multiroom (via app):
Multiroom (WLAN or proprietary):
Multiple speakers can be coupled:
Source selection button:
Play / pause buttons on the speaker:
USB cable:
Codec: aptX:
USB host:
Volume control:
Volume control for connected devices:
Power adapter:
Bluetooth standard: 5.0
Bluetooth range: good (2.1)
Battery LED:
Tested on: 12/13/2020


Short of breath battery

The Teufel Motiv Go is well suited for on the go. Even if, with a volume of 21.2 x 6.5 x 11.5 centimeters, it appears clearly less compact than speakers like the UE Boom 3, it probably offers the best sound of its size. But it weighs around 905 grams and becomes a noticeable burden in the backpack.

The internal battery lasted for 07:42 hours in the test at medium volume. This means that the Motiv Go should be able to provide sound for an evening, its compact form factor makes the battery life seem puny compared to the Sony SRS-XB43 of 34 hours.

Unlike a large part of the competition, Teufel also dispenses with a power bank function here. The Go is charged via the special power supply unit, there is no USB charging option, but the battery is full again within 2:40 hours.

Teufel Motiv Go Pros:

  • Spatial, rich sound
  • Coupling of several players
  • Certified splash protection

Teufel Motiv Go Cons:

  • Equipment could be more extensive
  • Quite a short battery life
  • High price

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