The best system of the year: Apple continues to improve macOS 11 Big Sur

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While Windows 10 remains a design mix despite a lot of effort, Apple has shown it with macOS 11 “Big Sur” and has released a huge visual update.

What’s new in macOS 11.1

Not only does it change the look of macOS, it also paves the way for ARM processors. Now Apple has introduced macOS 11.1, the first major update for Big Sur.

Apple isn’t exactly known for being humble. Every mini update is always “great” and the best the world has ever seen anyway. Sometimes that’s only true if you’re wearing the very thick Apple glasses.

But with macOS 11 Big Sur, the jaws of many Windows users fell down. How can it be that Apple gets such a cool and extensive design update for its operating system and Windows 10 is a mix of looks from the last 30 years?

For a few weeks now, every Apple user with a compatible Mac has been able to see for themselves how good or bad macOS 11 is. With macOS 11, Apple has also made a big step technically, because it not only runs on Intel Macs, but also on the new ARM architecture Apple Silicone.

The new MacBooks with the M1 chip make a strong impression. Now macOS 11.1 is available, the first major update for macOS 11 Big Sur. We’ll show you the new features and also present the new Big Sur functions in detail under.

macOS 11.1 is over 3 GB in size and brings numerous new features and bug fixes. The macOS Big Sur 11.1 is in the truest sense of the word a fat update, because users have to pull themselves over 3 GB. A restart is mandatory after the installation.

Then you have support for the new AirPods Max headphones on board. The Apple TV program has a new “Apple TV +” tab to make it easier to discover and watch Apple Original series and films. The search there has also been revised.

A change in the data protection information should be more important. As with iOS apps, with programs in the Mac AppStore, each software now has to break down exactly which data is processed and how.

Anyone who owns a new Mac with an M1 chip can use iOS apps there. What is new in macOS 11.1 is that these apps can switch between portrait and landscape format and can also be used in full-screen mode.

Further novelties:

  1. Photo editor can edit ProRAW photos.
  2. The search engine “Ecosia” is offered as an option in Safari
  3. Apple Maps (“Maps”) show the national guidelines for air quality. Siri gives health recommendations for certain air quality values.
  4. Fixed issues with QuickTime Player when opening a movie with a timecode track.
  5. Fix for not showing bluetooth connection status in control center.
  6. Improved reliability when automatically unlocking Mac with Apple Watch.

macOS 11 Big Sur: These Macs are getting the update

Check in advance whether macOS 11 is still running on your Mac, Apple has good support for older devices. We present the big innovations of macOS 11 Big Sur in detail below.

For many Mac fans, however, the first question that arises is which devices will get the update at all. You can check the respective model by clicking on the Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen.

A special feature is that macOS 11 not only supports Intel Macs, but also the new Macs with M1 SoC that Apple recently introduced. They come pre-installed with Big Sur.

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