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The visual aids such as computer and computer glasses prevent fatigue and concentration problems at the computer workstation. There are many types of specialty visual aids that your ophthalmologist will select the right one for you. You can read here which ones these are and which ones are suitable for your eyes.

Why you need computer glasses?

Conventional reading glasses or distance glasses are not special visual aids for your work on the screen. That is also the reason why eye irritation, concentration disorders and fatigue can occur with normal glasses on the computer.

Various viewing distances are also possible at the computer workstation. Just think about your distance to the screen, keyboard, template holder and many other work items. Below, you will learn more about the different types of computer glasses and which one is right for you.


Single strength glasses, monofocal glasses

These are special types of reading glasses and are tailored to your individual viewing distance from the screen. For example, to the distance of sixty-five centimeters. These computer glasses are not suitable as distance glasses or reading glasses only.


Dual strength glasses, bifocal glasses

It can either contain glasses for the distance and the screen area or for two close areas, for example for a distance of 40 centimeters and 70 centimeters. These computer glasses are most commonly used.


Three strength glasses, trifocal glasses

As the name suggests, three areas of vision are incorporated here. Two near areas and one far area. The big disadvantage of these glasses is that due to the number of possibilities only narrow areas of vision are possible. This can lead to tension in your neck.


Various focals or Varifocals

This type of computer glasses are bifocal glasses or trifocal glasses in which the separating edges between the lens thicknesses have been ground away. These glasses just look better.

Unfortunately, seeing in the transition area is only possible with a certain head posture. In addition, the objects are only blurred in the side area, so varifocals should only be used in justified exceptional cases.


What costs the employer bears for the computer glasses:

  • In principle, silicate glasses are used and paid for in computer glasses.
  • Plastic glasses are only paid for with a doctor’s prescription, e.g. for weight reasons with thick glasses.
  • Anti-reflective coating of the glasses to prevent reflections and reflections
  • Cost of the glasses frame
  • Review of workplace conditions



It is advisable for the employer to generally stipulate a company agreement for the procurement of computer glasses, which costs and up to what amount and under what conditions are covered. This creates clarity on both sides and prevents those affected from buying glasses that are not computer glasses.

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