VisorTech Full HD IP surveillance camera in check

This camera monitors both indoor and outdoor areas of your house and, if desired, notifies you of incidents via push message. The outdoor surveillance cameras are practical, but since most models require a power connection, outdoor installation is often difficult or impossible. This is not the case with this VisorTech camera, which is available from Pearl under the order number NX-4612 for 99.95 euros at the time of the test.

VisorTech surveillance camera: can be used almost anywhere

The almost 170 grams light and 55x69x75 millimeter small, weatherproof camera is supplied with power by four AA batteries and can therefore be used at almost any location with the help of a practical holder that is within range of the home WiFi network.

The WeHome app, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, is used to control and set up the camera.

The initial installation of the camera is done in a few minutes with the app on a smartphone or tablet, which must be in the home WiFi network at this point. The camera can then be accessed locally or via the Internet without any problems.

VisorTech surveillance camera: excellent image quality

The camera itself records videos in HD quality including sound, has a motion sensor and sends push messages to the app as soon as something moves in front of the lens.

Thanks to infrared night vision, the camera also records in the dark, the range of the LEDs is around five meters. The picture quality in daylight was excellent in the test, in complete darkness the pictures are naturally only black and white and also a little less sharp.

If you want to take pictures or videos, you can do it remotely directly on the mobile device. In addition, the camera has a slot for an optional microSD card on which recordings can be saved.

VisorTech surveillance camera in check: Conclusion

The outdoor surveillance camera from VisorTech is ideally suited for monitoring the outside area of a house or for places without a direct power connection. The camera is set up very quickly. The picture quality in daylight is excellent.

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