Windows 10: How to place folders in the taskbar in 4 steps

Windows 10: How to place folders in the taskbar in 4 steps

The Windows 10 taskbar gives you access to a lot of interesting information. Here you will find the icons of important programs, the system clock and a calendar, among other things.

You can also access your computer’s settings. What is less well known is that you can also open favorite folders from the taskbar. I will show you how to do this in this post.

How to place folders in the taskbar in Windows 10

The taskbar is a central point of contact under Windows 10 when it comes to controlling the computer, and not just because of the revived Start menu.

Due to the permanent accessibility under Windows, the taskbar is suitable for all operations, which should ideally always be accessible.

But what about folders that you want to access regularly? At first glance, they can only be called up via Windows Explorer. With a little trick you can access the most important directories on your computer, but also via the taskbar.

How to open a folder as a mini-start menu in the system tray

  1. Place the mouse pointer on a free space in the taskbar. It is important that there are no program icons or other symbols under the mouse pointer. Then click on the right mouse button.
  2. From the context menu, select the “New toolbar” command under the “Toolbar” entry.
  3. The directory structure of your computer is now presented to you in a new dialog window. Here you decide on a folder that you would like to access directly from the taskbar. Then click the “Select folder” button in the lower right corner of the window.
  4. In the task bar you will now find a new entry with the name of the folder you just selected. To get access to the directories or files contained, click on the symbol in the upper right corner, on the two small arrows pointing to the right. The folder is now opened and all the files it contains can be called up directly.

How to remove a folder from the system tray

If you create several folders in the taskbar, it can quickly become confusing. In this case, you should close directories that are no longer required so that the effect of fast access is not counterproductive. Windows 10 offers you a very easy way to do this.

  1. Right-click on the symbol of the directory that you want to remove from the system tray.
    Select the “Close toolbar” entry from the context menu.
  2. In the standard settings, the operating system now presents you with a security question. The entry is only deleted from the task bar when you confirm this by clicking on “Ok”.
  3. If you want to forego the security query in the future, activate the option “Do not show this dialog again” in the dialog window.

Deleting a directory on the taskbar only affects the entry. The folder itself and the files that are stored in it are retained.

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